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Mole HIlls, Mo Problems

Watch This Amazing Golf Course Mole Removal Technique

Moles are a greenkeepers worst nightmare. They can ruin months of hard work overnight. Watch this man’s amazing technique as he...

SwingTalk Aligned With Club Head Face

SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer Review

Over the last few weeks I’ve been using the SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer to help work on my golf swing. I’ve used it at the...

Will Ferrell Golf Rules

Will Ferrell’s Golf Rules At The Will-Powered Golf Classic

Will Ferrell hosts his own golf tournament, The Will-Powered Golf Classic. He’s added a few rules to help spectators act with the...

Paige Renee Golf Fashion

Ladies Golf Fashion – 1901 vs 2015

From this lady golfer pictured in 1901 to Paige Renee this year, ladies golf fashion has changed significantly. What’s your favourite...

The Masters - Green Jacket

A Beginners Guide To Investing In Golf Memorabilia

The majority of golf memorabilia is bought for Christmas and birthday gifts, however, there is also growing market in golf memorabilia...

The Open Sick Note

Do You Need A Sick Note For The British Open Final Round?

Monday morning just got worse. Millions of golf fans will be missing the last day of The Open Championship golf because it has been...

British Open Best Seat

Was This The Best Seat At The British Open?

This is what it looked like being sat in the best seat at the 2015 British Open at the St. Andrews Old Course.

The Open 2015 Logo

British Open Odds – 2015 Open Favourite Betting Odds

The British Open 2nd round has been concluded after a torrid few days on the Old Course at St. Andrews. Short grass on the greens and...

The British Open 2010

The Open Championship: A Look At The Last Five Tournaments

The Open Championship is one of golf’s most prestigious events and the very first tournament was held back in 1860. This year, the...


iOS App Review – Wee Golf

Wee Golf Developed by Wee Golf Inc iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch Free   There has been a lot of statistical and anecdotal evidence bandied...