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PGA Trophy

Professional Golfers Association – Irish & English Trophies Boosting the Game

PGA head honchos come under the magnifying glass after the ridiculous embarrassment on the women’s game, in addition to a preposterous extended fall for the Sergio Garcia within the tour. Garcia, who is the Masters Champion for PGA,showed a...
The Masters 2017

The Best Things To Do On Your First Visit To The Masters

Participating in the Masters Golf Tournament is a thrill and unique experience that draws thousands of golf enthusiasts year after year. If you are considering a trip to the Masters golf tournament here are some major dates to keep in...
Jordan Speith - The Masters Win Probability

Trading Joran Spieth’s Win Probability During the 2017 Masters Tournament

Jordan Spieth strides up to the tee tipping his cap to acknowledge the growing roar as the crowd buzzes in anticipation. It’s the 12th hole during the final round at Augusta National and Spieth is 5 under par with...
Golf Ball Going In Hole

The Legends of Golf and Possible Comebacks in 2017

Roger Federer’s 2017 recent comeback has shaken the world of sport and left fans marvelling at the Swiss sportsman. Federer is undoubtedly of the greats of sport joining names like Lionel Messi, Kobe Bryant, Dan Carter, Lewis Hamilton and...
Putting On The Green

Who to watch out for during this year’s Walker Cup

The Walker Cup is the pinnacle for an amateur golfer and many top professionals in the game today have graced the biennial event. Tiger Woods, currently on the comeback trail after a lengthy injury absence, made his one appearance back...
Tiger Woods and Sergio Garcia

Tiger Woods Looks to Replicate Roger Federer’s Comeback

Sporting comebacks are one of the great joys of following sport. This January, Roger Federer won his first grand slam in five years at the Australian Open. Like Tiger Woods, Federer is considered the best to have ever played...
Bethpage Golf Club - Black Course Warning

Bethpage Warning vs Richmond Golf Club Warning

The Black Course at Bethpage State Park warning sign vs Richmond Golf Club's temporary rules during WWII.
Golf ball stuck in a cactus

Worst Golf Lies – Dangerous, Stupid or Impossible To “Play It As It Lies”

We've all had bad days at golf, particularly when luck is not on our side. Few things can do more damage to a golfer's scorecard and temperament than a bad lie.What's the worst golf lie you've ever had? Can...
Members and Non-Members Only

7 Funny Golf Posters & Golf Signs

Seven hilarious golf signs and golf posters including golf jokes, words of advice and just A Miserable Day On The Golf Course ...still beats a good day at the office. Any Persons (Except Players) Caught Collecting Golf Balls ....on this golf course...
Best Golf Blogs

Top 50 Golf Blogs – The World’s Best Golf Blogs

Checkout our newly update top 50 golf blog list. After much research and trawling of the web, we've refreshed our list of the 50 best golf blogs to reflect the current popular golf blogs and some up-and-comers. They have...
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