Reasons Why Golf Is Not Just a Rich Man’s Game

Many people never try pursuing golf as a hobby, because they are of the opinion that Golf is a sport meant only for rich people. For some reasons, Golf has always been dubbed as a pastime for the elite class, thanks mainly to the insanely high charges of high-end golf courses, costly equipment, and also because a big majority of people playing this game consists of CEO’s, top level managers, businessmen, army officers, and the likes.

While I am not about to claim the opposite and try to prove that it is a poor man’s sport, but it certainly is not as “out of reach” as you’d have thought it to be. Keep on reading to see why you shouldn’t simply discard Golf as a rich man’s sport.

There are Cheaper Options Available

It’s a fact that there are some golf courses that might charge as much as $450 for a round of golf, and there are club sets that will cost you more than $10,000 dollars, but then, there’s nobody forcing you to play with a stick made of platinum, or to play at a course that is made for wastrel. There are plenty of cheaper options available, for example public courses which are owned by the municipalities, or playing in the off-peak or twilight hours.

Once you’ve figured out a way to save on “green fee”, golf equipment is the second biggest expense. Again, you can find relatively cheaper club sets, and avoid buying new gear more frequently. Truth is that Golf can be as expensive or as cheap as you make it to be, just because you have more rich people playing this sport, having the kind of money that they can afford a spendthrift, people start to take such lavish expenses as a requisite, which is not the case.

Value for Money

Just because you have to pay a hefty amount upfront doesn’t mean it is expensive, until you look at the value for money, and what you will be getting in that price. A golf course is not just a playing field; they are some of the most exquisite places in a city. Such serene environment coupled with a sport that is equally fun and relaxing at the same time provides a complete recreational package. Also this is one of the very few sports where you can take your better half or kids, so you will get to spend some quality time with your family. In case, you are paying for annually or bi-annually membership, and paying frequent visits, you will end up spending as little as $30 dollars for a round. Doesn’t sound that expensive?

Long Term Benefits

When we look at the long term benefits, the price tag is more than justifiable. For example, having a stroll with pleasant surroundings will work wonders for your health. You will end up learning the priceless traits like patience, good judgment, and control. And in case you are a budding entrepreneur, the element of business networking will pay off in spades for your enterprise.

All things considered, Golf will initially need some investment, but in the longer run, the advantages will easily outrun the expenses, making it one of the best recreational expenses that you can make.

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