Are you looking to improve your golf game?

We all need a little help from time to time to improve ourselves. Golf aids can help you discover what you are doing wrong and how to correct your issues. But with so many on the market, it can be tough to know which ones to choose and how they'll help.

golf aids

Don't worry! Read on for 10 top golf aids that'll help you improve your game.

1. Putting Alignment Mirror

Out of the vast array of putting aids, one of the most useful is the putting mirror. It's a universal tool used by most professional golf instructors.

They help you to remain steady and keep your eyes, shoulders, and ball alignment correct. You'll be able to create a more consistent stroke of your putter and improve your aim.

Eyeline Golf has a great reputation for putting mirrors. Their putting alignment mirror has a slot that you can putt the ball from. This means you can use it on the putting green to actually stroke putts.

2. Pocket Bunker

To help you with those bunker shots, you can get the cool and innovative Pocket Bunker. They're like golf balls with splayed out legs. If you cut the legs from under the ball, you can have the feel of an actual bunker shot, wherever you are.

It's a visual that golf pros have been using in teaching for decades, only now you don't have to visualize it. You're looking to cut the legs out from under it, which is great fun (and it improves your bunker shots)!

3. Golf Pad GPS

If you want to improve, you need to know how you are doing now. Tracking golf statistics is invaluable to help find out what your golf problems are.

Golf Pad GPS is a free, easy to use app that helps you record all your golfing statistics. Accurate GPS distances are used to help track your strokes, putts, fairways, and much more, and recommend the right club for each shot.

4. Orange Whip Wedge

The Orange Whip Wedge is an aid that looks like a wedge, with an orange head that's angled at 56-degrees. This allows you to feel any feedback to improve your chipping and pitching. It's special design swings from the wrists with ease and lets your shoulders and arms fall into place.

This is a training aid you can take to the course and use in live situations. You can use it in your backyard for chipping training. Or you can use it on the course to get the distance and forgiveness you need for a tight spot.

5. Golf Impact Ball

The Impact Golf Ball may seem simple, but you'll find it indispensable. It's designed to help you swing your entire upper body when you go into your backswing. The aid will provide feedback if you start to separate. It's instant, so you know to correct yourself and work on your togetherness.

You place the Impact Ball between your forearms. This focuses on the mechanics of your swing and makes sure you're moving back together. It'll help you build muscle memory to keep everything moving in order. This will improve consistent contact upon impact each time.

6. The Lag Stick

The Lag Stick lets you create a better swing plane, which allows for a better strike on the ball. With the Lag Stick, every shot will straight, compressed, and consistent. It's not a well-known aid but it gets results.

You place the plastic rod in the butt of your club. Midway through the downswing, it will elongate which makes you keep your hands in front of the ball.

7. Impact Bag Training Aid

For those seasoned golf players, it's likely you've seen or used an impact bag before. But it's a great tool whatever your playing ability.

It's designed to help you master the impact. As you are just hitting the bag you can practice pretty much anywhere! Once you get your bag, fill it with any fabric you have to hand and get going.

8. EyeLine Golf Speed Trap

The Eyeline Gold Speed Trap gives you a few options. You can set up the base in your yard, or on the course to practice your swing. The lines on the base help you line the shot up. After, the divots left behind will help you analyze what's wrong with your shot.

It also comes with 4 “speed rods”. These are plastic tubes you install on the base that enclose the swing area. This will help you develop a more controlled swing.

9. Superspeed Golf

The Superspeed Golf helps you develop more speed. It uses overspeed training methodology from sprinting and applies it to golf.

The system comes with 3 training clubs. The special clubs are 80, 90, and 105 percent of the weight of a standard driver.

Using them, you go through a series of swing exercises for both hands. The theory is your muscle memory adapts to the clubs, allowing you to swing faster. As you work through the clubs, you're getting stronger and quicker.

10. Impact Snap

The Impact Snap is a square, weighted grip with a guide and ball on the outside. It helps you improve the positioning of your wrists and hand to ensure the proper release.

It encourages you to bow your lead wrist and turn it down on impact. This is ideal for working on a better iron play. It will help you produce a better impact and a more penetrating ball. When you're doing it right, the weight will make a snapping sound.

The Most Important Golf Aids

Whether you need to work on your long strokes, putting or deal with your bunker woes, these golf aids will be sure to help. Golf aids are the fastest way to improve an aspect of your game, and will be sure to lower your handicap by the end of the season!

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