Golf carts have become more and more popular over the past few years. They appeal to many people for both professional and recreational use.

From driving on the golf course to riding around your large property to heading down the road to a neighbor's place, many people use their golf carts on a daily basis. But that use can cause damage over time and lead to malfunctions and breakdowns.

golf carts maintenance

Performing regular golf carts maintenance is critical to prolonging the life of these vehicles. Read on to find out the best ways to keep your golf cart in tip-top shape all season long.

1. Keep Tires Filled

One of the key components of a golf cart is its tires, which also makes them one of its most vulnerable places.

Tires can easily get a piece of debris, nail, or rock stuck in them that can cause a puncture. These kinds of punctures lead to a slow leak and eventually a flat. Flat tires won't get you to the next hole.

It's helpful to take a quick look at the tires after every ride to search for any holes. Keeping the tire pressure up is a great way to prevent such damage as well.

2. Watch for Leaks Under the Cart

Much like with a larger vehicle, dripping liquid or leaks under the cart is often a sign of bigger problems.

One of the easiest tips for maintaining golf carts is to look where the cart was parked when you pull away. If you see liquid, then it's time to investigate. Don't continue to drive the cart!

Often the liquid is oil leaking out and is a precursor to engine problems.

3. Charge the Battery

Another easy thing to do when maintaining golf carts is to charge the battery after every use. This will ensure that you don't get ready to go only to find it's dead.

A simple habit of always plugging it in can save you a lot of headaches in the long run.

4. Check the Battery

While not necessary after every use, it's also important to regularly look at and check the golf cart batteries.

The types of batteries used in a golf cart require you to fill the battery cells with distilled water. If they run low, the machine won't work right.

A glance every so often will show you if you need to add water, if the cables are still attached, and if the junction points need cleaning off. All this simple maintenance will help the battery keep a charge longer and work more efficiently.

5. Test Brakes Often

Golf carts aren't known as speed racers but it's still important that the brakes work well for safety reasons.

After extended use, brake pads wear down and don't give the full cushion needed. You can replace these, so you should check for wear and tear regularly.

Since you don't usually slam on the brakes, this is often forgotten but knowing how to maintain golf carts and their breaks can prolong the life of your vehicle.

6. Limit Weight on the Cart

It can be tempting to treat your golf cart like a regular vehicle and pack as much as you can fit onto it. But it's built quite differently and you should limit the weight it carries.

When there is too much weight, it can cause a lot of pressure on the tires and the overall frame. The engine may have a hard time keeping up as well.

Keep an eye on how much the cart is carrying to relieve any undue stress.

7. Give It a Wash

Golf carts can get muddy, covered in grass, and get a windshield full of bugs.

Washing the cart keeps it looking nice and fresh. It will also help the vehicle to function.

This is especially true of the tires. Tires get the most build-up, so you want to watch and make sure dirt and gunk aren't inhibiting their rotation or grip.

8. Inspect Hardware on Frame

The roads a golf cart travels are not usually flat, instead, it's going over hills on the course or back roads. These types of areas can cause the frame to shake and rattle.

If that shaking becomes too intense, it can loosen some screws. A quick check of all the connections on the frame will allow you to discover any problems. Tighten them back up and you're ready to go.

9. Transport Properly

Occasionally, the golf cart will need to be transported to a new location (like to the golf course) to be used. The cart must be secured properly.

When a golf cart isn't secured enough, it can fall off the trailer which will cause major damage.

It's easier to avoid these kinds of crashes and transport the golf cart as safely as possible. This also means making sure it's only going on roads and paths that it's capable of and using a trailer when it's not.

10. Take a Routine Trip to the Mechanic

Just like any vehicle, a golf cart will greatly benefit from a yearly visit to a professional mechanic.

These professionals are trained to spot potential problems and understand the best ways to keep systems running smoothly. They can help you maintain your golf cart for years of continued use.

Get Started With Regular Golf Carts Maintenance

Many people put off regular maintenance for their vehicles. It's easy to think that there isn't a problem if you can't see it.

But if you take time to perform regular golf carts maintenance, there is less of a chance that a major problem will occur. These easy tasks allow you to enjoy your golf cart for longer and not have to worry about a breakdown.

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