16 Beginners Golf Tips and Advice: A Random Selection

Golf Tips - Ball Flights
Golf Tips - Ball Flights

Here are 16 top golf tips and advice for beginner golfers covering putting, general golf swing advice, general approach to play and more.

  1. If you place of single digits, don’t aim for the flag on approach shots. The holes are usually placed in a challenging area of the green and even if you hit a great shot you may end up in trouble. Aim for the centre of the green. It’s amazing how effective it can be at getting your scores down.
  2. Don’t rely on swing fix tips in magazines and online, go for lessons. Everyone’s swing is unique and a golf professional can see where the issue lies and how to resolve it. There are hundreds of different factors that can cause you to slice a ball. Trying out different swings tips is as likely to make it better as it is to make them worse. It’s a golf teacher’s job to be able to diagnose what’s wrong with your swing and how to fix it.
  3. No phone on the golf course and no distractions, focus on your game. (Maybe take a few beers). This may be easier said than done if you use a golf app. You’ll just have to rely on some self discipline
  4. Spend some time on the practice green before your round. Set yourself a routine to hole a certain number of putts from different differences. Don’t look at the ball rolling towards the hole, focus on the spot where the ball was. Listen to the ball roll across the green and into the hole. Get used to the idea of that sound after you’ve hit a putt. It will help build your conscience.
  5. Take some time at the driving range to figure out your yardages for each club. If your distance is in consistent, hit a couple of balls and figure out the medium. When you’re on the golf course you’ll have a much better idea of which club to use. A much better approach than choosing a club because you think it’s right one. Not only will you be a lot more accurate, it will give you more confidence
  6. If you have trouble lining up putts, draw a line on them or an arrow, mark your ball and place it with the line/arrow pointing to the hole.
  7. On long putts and medium range putts aim to finish as close to the hole as possible. Play for 2 putts unless you can attack the hole fairly risk free (i.e. when putting up a slope, that said you don’t want to live yourself too far from the hole if you end up pin high). Imagine a hole 5 times the size (or even bigger) and aim for that area. Getting 3+ putts out of your game and if you consistent with your game reaching them green, your scores will drop dramatically.
  8. Another putting tip is to work on your 3-4 foot putts. If you can improve on them you’ll have more confidence with long range putts because you’ll have more room for error.
  9. When driving or hitting your second shot on a par 5, don’t try to kill it. Slow your swing down and focus on rhythm, timing and hitting the sweet spot. You’re accuracy will improve and you’re average shot length will be longer on average.
  10. If you’re not sure what club to take for a shot, hit the longer club. With the shorter club you’re likely to try to overcompensate and hit a poor shot. With a longer club you’ll be forced to slow your swing down and as a result will hit a more controlled and accurate shot. Sometimes it can be worth consistently hitting a longer club than you need to force yourself to go back to basics and swing smoothly.
  11. When chipping onto the green from a bunker you don’t want to hear the club make contact with the ball. Pretend that the ball isn’t there and you’re trying to splash sand onto the green.
  12. Don’t be afraid to lay up. Unless you’re a professional you should be playing for par. Start hitting pars regularly and the birdies will follow.
  13. If you’re stuck in the trees play a punch shot onto the fairway. Try to be a hero and you’re likely to end up finding yourself in more trouble.
  14. If you’ve got the option of a difficult chip over a tree to attack the hole or a punch shot under the tree to aim for the green. Hit a punch shot.
  15. When playing into the wind don’t try to hit the ball harder. Hit a longer club and swing smoothly. You’ll impart less spin on the ball so it will be less likely to get caught by the wind and balloon up, fade or draw (depending on the direction of the window.
  16. When in a bunker your goals should be in the following order: 1) get out of the bunker, 2) get on the green, 3) get close to the pin.