When it comes to wedding celebrations, ceremonies, and festivities, much of the thoughts and actions surround the bride and the bride’s needs for each step—and rightfully so!

Yes, the bride should be the center of attention and any groom that disagrees with that won’t find himself being the groom for very long.

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But that doesn’t diminish the need to celebrate the groom, and parties and gifts for the groom are an important part of the festivities. It’s a nice way to show the groom that you are thinking of him as well during the celebratory period.

But what do you get the man who is about to become a husband? Well, there are a myriad of things you could choose that would bring him joy and make him feel important. Here are a few good ideas.

1. Set of Golf Wedges

A solid wedge set is virtually a must for any golfer looking to have options for their approach shots and for getting out of trouble. Ask any clubhouse pro and they’ll tell you that a 3-wedge set features clubs that are designed to handle an assortment of different shots—including chips, shorter approach, and anything that requires exiting the rough or even the sand.

This 3-wedge set from CAG Golf includes a Gap, Sand, and Lob wedge. Each of these clubs are different in shape and in purpose, and having a complete set of wedges helps any golfer have more versatility amongst the clubs he possesses. The nice thing about this set is that the clubs not only serve their individual purposes, but they can oftentimes complement each other throughout the round.

Let’s face the facts—many golfers could use some help in reducing the number of strokes they pick up during their average round of golf.    

2. Shaving Kit

There’s no doubt that the groom will want a smooth and fresh face when the wedding day arrives. With a shaving kit that spares no detail, he can receive the perfect gift that keeps on giving each time he stands in front of the mirror. Find an elegant, sturdy shaving set and case with everything he needs for a close shave. As they say, shaving never goes out of style!

3. Fountain Pen

Some grooms aren’t concerned about their writing utensils and are content with any throw away pen, but some recognize quality when they see it. Treat your gift to the groom as something functional,thoughtful, and classy with an engraved fountain pen that celebrates his special day. No wedding is complete without a reception book for guests to sign. Give the groom a fountain pen that can be used to commemorate the day in the reception book before going home with him.

4. Leather-Bound Journal

If the groom is one who enjoys documenting life events and exploring feelings through the art of writing, then a leather-bound, personalized journal is the perfect gift. With his wedding comes the start of a new chapter of life, and a journal is the ideal way to document it.

Whether the groom enjoys outdoor activities or the solace and peace of writing his feelings down and documenting his life, there is something for every groom. Be sure to capture something that is functional and special on his special day.

After all, he is the groom.

Gift Ideas For Golfer Grooms