Running and golf seem to have nothing in common. Running requires plenty of endurance strength, strong legs and plenty of cardio, while golf requires impeccable hand-eye coordination. However, these two have much in common and golf and running are more similar than you think.


As a runner, you probably think that golf is not going to go well for you, and as a golfer, you may think that you don’t have the capacity to run a few miles. However, the similarities will blow your mind and help you realize how you can do both. 

Awareness is the Key

When you’re playing golf, you need to listen to what’s happening. The sound that occurs when the club makes contact with the ball in the correct spot is obvious and from that, you can know if the ball is going to go to the right direction and distance. It is a clear and crisp pop that is a sign that you’ve hit in the right spot. Just like in running, you need to maintain awareness and listen to the sounds around you. Awareness is the key to many sports, in fact, and athletes, runners and pro golfers really need to keep in touch with their senses in order to be sure they are doing a good job and that they are focused on their skill and sport. 

The Form is Equally Important

The right form and technique bring success to any sport. Just like that, the proper form of swinging the golf club or running will lead you to plenty of success and victories. As a beginner golfer, you have probably had issues with hitting the ball right. However, by examining your form and technique you probably concluded that it needs some corrections. By consulting the pros or simply seeking tips from other sources you can learn that tight core, square shoulders and the right amount of twisting your upper body can result in the right swing and hitting the spot on the ball. 

The same goes for running. If you, for example, stomp your feet too hard on the ground, run on your heels or lean your torso too much to the front or to the back, you won’t be able to run long and fast. You have to correct your posture, get proper feet support in the form of endurable running shoes that can withstand everything and protect your feet, and practice and intensive training can bring you up to the right form which equals great success.

Core Strength 

Even though running and golf involve completely different motions and use of different limbs, they both will require a strong core. When trying to perform a proper golf swing, you will realize that your core is going to be engaged to the maximum. The same goes for running because the core is what keeps your form right and helps you push your body to the maximum. Overall, core strength is beneficial to everyone, whether they do sports or not, but both running and golf will need you to work on your abs and they will help you work on them all at the same time.

Practice Makes Perfect

You can go through hours and hours of tips and theory on how to play golf or run, but that simply won’t be enough. Your beginning of either of these sports will be tough and there will be ups and downs, but you should never give up. Practice makes perfect and the same rule goes for golf and for running. You cannot expect to run for two hours without any interruptions on your first day, just like you can’t expect to finish a perfect golf game on your first try. No one is perfect and we all have to practice and train in order to become better and succeed. And even a few years into any of these sports you will realize how you can always learn new things in order to become a better version of yourself. 

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Even though golf and running look like two different worlds, they do have a lot in common. Just like in any sport, endurance, perseverance, and practice will help you achieve your goals, so whatever you wish to train, don’t give up.