Over 24 million people over the age of 6 participated in golf in 2018.

Beyond playing the actual sport, viewership of golf tournaments was at a historic high in 2019. With these kinds of figures, you can assume that there's an enormous pool of potential attendees for your next golf event. You just have to know how to reach them.

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Flyer distribution is one of the most traditional methods of attracting attendees to an event. But where do you distribute flyers and how do you capture the audience you're looking for?

Keep reading to find out.

1. Start With a Great Flyer Before Thinking About Flyer Distribution

The standard templates for flyers include a date, time, and place. But to make a really great flyer, you want to create an emotional connection between your event and your audience.

To do this, focus your copy on what your event provides for the attendees. Tell them in a quick, creative, and clear way how they benefit from attending. Use bold, captivating, and convincing copy, headlines, and subheading that command attention.

2. Target Your Audience at Local Businesses

An important part of flyer distribution is knowing your audience. Knowing your audience and where they live, work and play will help you target them more effectively.

Research local businesses and find those that are of interest to people who play, watch, or have any interest in golf. This doesn’t have to be limited to golf courses, but places where people buy golf gear or places where people go to watch golf or sports tournaments.

3. Direct Mailing

If you already have an idea of the people you'd like to attend your golf event, you can mail them directly. Although this is more on the expensive side of flyer distribution options, it's one of the most targeted ways to reach your audience.

4. Online Mailing

The less expensive option in terms of mailing is to go digital. If you have e-mail addresses of potential attendees, send them a digital copy of your flyer directly (and for free).

If you're not quite sure who you want to attend, then you can use social media channels. Put the flyer up on Pinterest and share it to Facebook groups that are relevant to golf and your local community.

You might also share it on your own Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Chances are that some of your followers share the same interests as you, and this is an excellent and indirect way of reaching them.

5. Handing Out Flyers Directly to People

Handing flyers directly to people creates a human connection. There's no better way to command attention than to smile and discuss your event with the people you'd like to see there.

There are a few things you should be aware of when using this method, though. First, you need to research the local distribution laws to ensure you're following local laws about private property and public sidewalks. Second, handing out flyers by hand goes a lot faster if you have a team of friendly and knowledgeable people helping you.

The Last Step: Wait for the Event to Fill

The first step in flyer distribution is creating an attention-commanding flyer that people will read. After that, you need to know who your audience is, where they hang out, and what channels to reach them on. Rest assured, there's a flyer distribution method to suit any budget and any type of event.