The impact of the Covid-19 outbreak has seen a suspension on golfing activities across the country. With all golf clubs closed for the foreseeable future, the golfing community is being forced to adapt rapidly.

With the future of this year’s season uncertain, many golf enthusiasts are looking for new and creative ways to stay on top of their game. Popular ladies golfing outlet, Love Golf Clothes, have compiled some top tips to ensure you can still get your golfing fix and keep your game sharp, ready for the next time you play:

#1 Make a Golf Home Workout Routine

Staying in shape is an important ingredient to staying at the top of your golfing game. Make yourself a daily routine that can be done at home, filled with exercises that will simulate your performance on the course. Movements like hip crossovers and glute bridges will help strengthen your swing and thrust, keeping your gameplay well maintained. 

If you’re not finding your routine challenging enough, then try introducing resistance bands into your exercises to add an extra dynamic and work your muscles even harder.

#2 Practice Your Hit In The Garden

Make the most of the outdoors and bring the course to your garden! With a golf practice hitting net, you can simulate the thrill of hitting your best shots, all from the comfort of your own back yard. The lightweight foldable net can be easily set-up in just a few minutes, and safely captures your shots – so feel confident driving as hard as you can. If you’re short on outdoor space there’s even some indoor models that can be assembled in your home! 

#3 Study Your Game

Take this time to study the intricacies of the game. From YouTube videos on specific techniques, to online courses on upgrading your overall skillset, there’s a host of digital golfing content out there to enhance your golfing game – and all without leaving your sofa!

#4 Upgrade Your Wardrobe

Love Golf Clothes

Delight in investing in apparel that ups your gameplay!  There’s a range of this season’s latest style trends that will both have you looking great and playing great. Get the perfect addition to your wardrobe in the Green Lamb Gabriella Spot Pullover and stand-out from the crowd with the Calvin Klein Vitra Visor in Floral – the perfect accessory to compliment your golfing aesthetic! Love Golf Clothes new arrivals are filled with some of the hottest styles in the industry, so browse online today.

#5 Go Virtual With A Golf Simulator 

If you’re looking to splash out then why not indulge in a golf simulator – advanced software and equipment packages that will replicate precision golf gameplay with high levels of accuracy. The simulation set-ups can easily fit in your home, making them a perfect go-to for the dedicated golfer looking to keep on top of their game!