It’s no wonder that golf is one of the most popular sports in the world. Whether you play it recreationally or professionally it’s an activity like no other.

6 Things to Remember When Playing Golf for the First Time

Big green fields, fresh air and beautiful landscapes are just some of the perks when playing this sport. Golf itself is a test of concentration, accuracy and skill and takes years to master. But the real beauty of it is that anyone can play and have a great time. You don’t have to be a professional to have fun and to play some amazing games. Here are a couple of things everyone who intends to get into golf should know.

Don’t Start With Expensive Balls

There is a really big chance that if you are a beginner you will constantly lose your balls on the golf course. This is why you shouldn’t start your golfing career with the most expensive balls. It’s alright to get cheap ones and practice with them. Every time you hit a ball you might end up losing it in a sandpit or among some trees. Imagine your expenses, your golf days might end before they even begin. As your skill improves, start getting better quality balls.

The Golf Course

A golf course is usually a large field surrounded by nature. There are eighteen holes to play through, though some have only nine and then you get to play twice through each of them. The course is situated on a grassy surface, but it usually has a couple of additional elements to make it more interesting. These elements include sandpits, water surfaces like little lakes and rivers, bushes and trees. There are roads around the course that are used for golf carts to move around.

Learn All the Rules

Every sport is fundamentally easy to learn. But underneath the simplicity, there are always some tiny rules that might pop up and surprise you. Spend some time before your first game on research to get to know all of those rules. Another good option is to go with friends who already know the game and let them teach it to you. You will spend some quality time with your buddies and learn a great game. If you really wish to start a golfing career, you might need to get a professional trainer and go to some golf lessons.

Golf Takes Time

This is not a sport that takes a couple of rounds and then abruptly ends. Golf is a slow, relaxing experience. Every time you go to the golf course, expect to stay there and play it for at least four hours. It is a slow-paced game in which every shot takes careful planning and concentration. And every shot you take will feel like art. And you get to stand there and enjoy the art you just made. Don’t try to rush golf, this is one of the main reasons it’s such a popular sport.

A Gentleman's Sport

Golf is a true gentleman's sport. Even when playing against someone, your shots do not affect them in any way. You are there to have fun and relax, making it a real zen experience. Golf is a great sport that stimulates circulation and improves body coordination. Everyone is playing for themselves in order to get the best score possible. There is no place for anger and misery in this sport. It is expected of you to always keep a cool head. There are no crowds in golf booing or cheering for you. 

Playing With the Greats

Golf is one of the few sports which gives you the option to play with a professional if you desire. To keep you on the same level, there are handicap rules. Every hole on a golf course, usually, has at least three starting positions. There is one for professionals and it is located furthest away from the hole. The second one is for men amateurs, and the third one is for women, and it is located closest to the hole. Of course, depending on the skill level of the player, there is no reason why they shouldn’t use any of the starting positions.