Are you a beginner golfer? Here are some mistakes you could be making:

Not Warming Up Properly

Although some people say that there is no need to exercise in golf, you need to understand that it’s still a sport – no matter how sedate – and that you should warm up before playing. Golf still puts a lot of strain on various muscles and you could end up in pain because you failed to warm up. Arrive on the field beforehand and work out a bit – run or do some exercises. Then you can start knowing that your whole body is prepared for playing.

Not Checking Your Equipment Before Playing

Before you start playing, you always have to check your equipment. It may be broken, need repairing or replacing or it might not even be there. Some players carry their equipment in their trunks constantly but there are cases where you could have left it in your home or your kids moved it from its usual spot so you forgot to bring it. Sometimes you have entirely wrong clubs in the bags. It’s better to discover issues at home than to do it when you already on the field and there is nothing that you can do.

Take care of your equipment and make sure that you maintain it properly.

Using The Wrong Ball

There are also cases where you can use the wrong ball entirely. For instance, if you are a high-handicapper and a beginner, you can lose a lot of balls along the way because you will need a ball that offers distance and a durable one over a regular one that will offer you more distance over control. The durable ones are cheaper to replace when you lose them and they add a bit more distance with every shot.

Once you reach the skill level where you can control the ball when it lands on the grass, you should then use a more expensive ball.

If you use the expensive one, replacing it will consequently be more expensive.

Failing to redo your grooves on the clubs

Amateur golfers often find themselves frustrated with this mistake when they hit the ball and they see it race through the grass without any spin. They are often blaming the ball of the technique for this but it’s probably the case of the grooves on the clubs needing redoing.

Clean and crisp grooves are something that can help you grip the ball when the head hits the ball. This can add spin to the ball as well. Get them re-grooved every time at your local shop in order to have the best performance.

Lack of etiquette

A common mistake amateurs make is portraying a lack of etiquette. Manners are very important on the golf course so you should definitely be nice to everyone and behave. Spend five minutes maximum when looking for a ball, let faster groups play before you, play at a decent speed and so on. Don’t talk on the phone or to others loudly when someone is playing.

Not practicing

“Before you get out on the field, you need to practice. For one, it’s not very nice to practice with people are waiting for you to be done – this is the time for playing properly and the shooting range is for practicing. Therefore, use that. It’s also good to get familiar with all of the clubs and balls. Work on your pitching and putting if you want to be successful in golf.: says Juliette Hero, a lifestyle blogger at Boomessays and Essayroo.

Dropping a lost or unplayable ball from the rough

If your ball is unplayable or lost, it’s not enough to just drop a ball from your bag and play from there. Amateurs do this but this is wrong. If your ball is unplayable you need to go back to where the ball was originally played, play the ball from a position two club lengths from where it is at the moment and so on. But dropping a ball there and playing it from there is wrong and you need to stop doing it.

Teeing the ball up in front of the tee box

“New players sometimes tee their ball just in front of the imaginary line between the two tee boxes. However, this is a penalty stroke and ultimately a mistake. You may even get disqualified.”, says Tom Hughes, a sports writer at Stateofwriting and Ukwritings.

Golfing without making mistakes is possible but only if you continue learning and growing your skills. Hopefully, these tips will help.

Freddie Tubbs is a sports writer and editor at Academized. He regularly takes part in sports events, and contributes his columns to Paper Fellows and Australian help blogs. 

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