During the last century, golf has become one of the most popular sports. And this has had a direct impact on players. Many have become well known all over the world. This game has brought them wealth and success due to the significant cash awards. 

Like many other successful athletes, golfers also have their special rituals, superstitions, lucky items, and amulets of all kinds. What are the weirdest habits of top golf players? Do they really help them to win the game? Let us figure this out right away.

Gary Player

The South African golfer – Gary Player – is perhaps the most successful and best known non-American golfer in history. 

Gary finished his career with nine major wins, including three Masters and three Open Championships. 

Player always dresses in black. This is what has brought him his famous nickname Black Knight, which is well-known among the golf fans.

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Tom Watson

Born in Kansas, he was one of the most influential players in the world in the 1970s and 1980s. Watson won eight Majors, including five Open Championships

One of Tom's strangest habits was that he salted the course before every home golf match. He believed it would help him succeed in the upcoming game. 

Bobby Jones

Unlike other golfers, Bobby Jones never became a professional. 

Jones has competed throughout his career as an amateur and was very successful, winning four U.S. Opens and three Open Championships in seven years. He was also a five-time U.S. Amateur champion and won the British Amateur in 1930.

Although Bobby never became a pro in golf, he always had a special ritual before the game. 

Jones liked to listen to Mozart, Vivaldi, and other classics to tune in to a good game. Perhaps that's what helped him to get first place in most cases!

Ben Hogan

They say no one has ever practiced and trained as much as Ben Hogan did. He spent a lot of time developing techniques and now is called a legendary ball striker. He has won four major Masters, British Open Championship, U.S. Open, and PGA.

Who would have thought that Ben, who could have afforded any meal on Earth, would stick to something as plain and simple as noodles? However, it was his favorite dish, which Ben preferred to eat almost every day.

Philip Mickelson

One of the most energetic players in golf history – Philip Mickelson – has been a member of the Ryder Cup team in the United States 11 times. He won his first PGA Tour at the Northern Telecom Open as an amateur player in 1991.

Although Michelson was right-handed, he always played in golf with his left hand. Thanks to this feature, he was nicknamed “Lefty.” 

According to Forbes magazine, Michelson is one of the most highly paid athletes in the world. In the 2012 ranking, he took 7th place with an annual income of 47.8 million dollars. 

Tiger Woods

Woods is well known for changing the game in golf. He has made it extremely popular among the general public. Tiger's attitude towards golf is one of the main reasons why golfers today are more like “athletes” than ever before. 

He is one of five players who won a new Grand Slam tournament three times and the only player of his age to win four championships in a row.

People say that Tiger always wears his lucky pants on an important game. However, no one knows so far whether the odd amulet or his professionalism is what makes him win.

Sam Snead

The only major that slipped away from Snid was the U.S. Open, where he had ended up second four times. Sneed is still the oldest PGA Tour winner. He has competed in the majors at the age of 67. 

Sam was a big fan of sweets. There is a rumor that he ate a bar of KitKat every morning to get ready for the game. 

Billy Casper

Kasper played in the eight Ryder Cup games and set a record for career points. Although his name was never mentioned in the Big Three, which included Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, and Gary Player, Casper won 27 times between 1964 and 1970.

Billy also had a weird habit. He was annoyed by the hair that was sticking out, so golfer kept his comb always close by and brushed hundreds of times a day.

Wrapping Up

Like a lot of other famous people, top golfers have their own weird habits. Yet, whatever helped them win also did not obstruct them from impressing fans all over the world!