141st Open Championship - Round One

Australian Adam Scott is considered by some to have one of the best ‘natural' swings on the PGA tour right now. But in fact according to Scott maintaining a consistent swing is something he actually has had to work on a great deal.

The Adam Scott Golf Swing in Slow Motion


According to Scott after parting ways with swing coach Butch Harmon in 2009 some of the most important elements of his swing began to break down; “My posture. My alignment. I felt like I was getting loose and sloppy with those things. Posture is the most important one. I have to keep checking that I'm not getting too hunched over with a rounded back.”

This is probably why one of the biggest notes analysts have to make about the Adam Scott swing today, when he coached in that respect by brother in law Brad Malone, is his flawless posture, especially the spine alignment. In the video below coach Greg Smith explains why this gives Scott an advantage in terms of speed and consistency.

While this video slows down the swing enough to allow us to see just how controlled and aligned Scott now holds his body to achieve the power and speed he now consistently displays and maybe give you enough to go on to try incorporating this kind of posture control into your own swing.