Not only is Ben Hogan a legend in golfing history but many consider his swing to be one of the most remarkable ever seen in professional golf as well.

Over the course of his career Hogan won nine career professional championships and became the first (and only until Tiger Woods in 2000) golfer to win three major championships in a single year. He was also one of the first players to become openly interested in the mechanics of the swing, writing about it on numerous occasions including in his iconic book ‘Five Lessons: The Modern Fundamentals of Golf'. But just what was it about his own swing that gained it such a legendary reputation?

The Ben Hogan Swing in Slow Motion

Ben Hogan Head Still Watch Ball Swing Sequence Short Iron


Although the cigarette perpetually hanging from the mouth would no longer be allowed, many golfers have tried to emulate Hogan's swing style over the years with varying degrees of success, mainly by using what he wrote in 5 Lessons. However as he was writing about his own swing and was not always very clear about how to achieve some of its elements it's very hard to do. Nor did Hogan believe that anyone should, as he often stressed the importance of developing a swing that was suited to each player as a unique individual.

Despite the fact that he played so many years ago now many of the instructional swing videos he made still exist. You can see a compilation of some of them below as well as a modern interpretation of his swing tips:


While you should not try to slavishly copy Hogan's swing, he did leave plenty of information behind by the time he died in 1997 that can still be of great use to golfers of all levels today.