Playing college golf is the dream of many students. This is one of the most wonderful experiences. However, the biggest challenge that most junior golfers face is deciding whether they fit in playing college golf. Also, one fundamental thing that is really important for high school players is having an opportunity to play golf often but that is not a cheap pleasure.  That is why today we will consider the best tips on how not to spent on the play in golf all your saves. 

Best Affordable Ways to Play Golf on the Cheap For Students

Additionally, to find a college that offers golf games for cheap, there are some factors you ought to be put into consideration. And, this article strives to provide you with techniques that you can use to play golf for free.

Buy used equipment

Similar to the motor vehicle industry, there is a substantial market for used golfing equipment. In these markets, you can access cheap golf clubs instead of purchasing new ones that cost more. Furthermore, unlike cars, most golfers do not know about this. Various sites such as and provide customers with top-notch equipment at affordable prices. 

Find a part-time job on a golf course

Your studies ought to be your priority. However, as the saying goes, work with no play makes Jack a dull boy. And since you are passionate about playing golf, you should find a part-time job on a golf course. As for your assignments you can visit and hire an expert from there to work on them if they are too many or you do not have enough time to work on them. 

A part-time job on a golf course can help you to best figure out how to play college golf. You can learn some tips and techniques that you can use to enhance your golfing skills. 

Buy refurbished golf balls

Another means of getting cheap golf balls is by purchasing refurbished balls. Even though a box of premium golf balls are more preferable for proficient players and it is easy to differentiate them, these balls can help you play golf at an affordable price. You can purchase these balls at sites like 

Walk instead of riding a cart

Instead of riding a cart in the golf field, consider walking. Riding carts is an additional fee that you can cut. Furthermore, it is healthy to take a walk in the golf course as it helps strengthen your muscles hence keeping you fit and healthy. 

Internet instruction

Lessons from an expert or proficient player are the ideal tips to use to boost or enrich your gaming skills. These are people who know much about golfing and they can advise you best on how to perfect in the game. However, these lessons are expensive. But, that should not worry you. You can still play golf in college using the golf instructions that come for free on and other sites. Also, you will need more time for any kind of practice and online courses, so if you are lack time to study you can hire the experts from an online essay writing service for your assignment.

Time to buy a membership

The golfing industry is a buyer’s market. So, you need to take advantage of it. Find out the particular club you want to join in the various clubs in your area. To identify the ideal one, pinpoint what each is offering and clout that information. Various deals are being struck everywhere such as food waiver, beverage minimum, several months of no dues, and monthly credits among others. Hence, you need to choose one that you want to be a part of. 

Discounted rounds and clothes

If being a member of a private club does not suit you, check out if your region has golf discounts you can use to make your local public courses affordable. Some facilities provide members with great deals via their social media platforms. Thus, it is crucial to follow their online accounts. 

Better to play in the afternoon

The majority of golf courses offer free golf or lower rates in the afternoon. Additionally, some of the best public facilities offer twilight fees. Thus, it is better to play in the afternoon than in the morning hours. 

Check online reservation systems 

According to reliable writing service Edu Jungles, online reservation systems are the prime spots for getting hot deals and exceptional rates. And checking them out online is an ideal and decent way of finding tee times and lessons at great discounts. So, if you have a few hours to spare, check out the various online reservation systems and select a membership you want to join. 

In conclusion, many junior golfers dream of playing in college. However, the majority look for facilities that offer games at affordable and reasonable prices. But, this is a challenge for most students as they do not know the tips they can use to play college golf for free. Well, if you are one of them, you should not worry about anything as the tips above can help you figure out affordable ways you can use to play golf for cheap prices.