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Best Golf Apps for Android Watches in 2023

Gone are the days of pacing distance off sprinkler heads marked with yardages. Even those with the best distance measuring steps could error, and there was always the matter of pin location. Now, we have accurate distances in the palm of our hands, though in this case it’s the back of our wrists. That’s right, we’re talking about the best golf apps for Android watches. After all, what’s an accessory worth if you can’t repurpose it for the game we hold so near and dear?

To get the most out of your Android watch, you need the best golf apps for Android watches. We’ve put in countless hours of research and testing so you don’t need to. I mean the testing involves playing golf, so was it really that bad? Either way, the best apps to improve your game below.

With an article like this, we’d typically give you a title of best for this or best for that. We aren’t doing that here. Each of these apps are top notch for more than one reason and we don’t want people to overlook any. We only review five apps, it’s not that long. Read them all.

1. Hole19 Golf GPS & Range Finder

If you’re playing a new course for the first time, Hole19 is a great option. With more than 40,000 courses in their database, we’re confident that wherever your next 18 is, Hole19 will have you ready for the round. 

Their course flyover feature is especially valuable as it lets you see what’s ahead without having to walk up hills or move left or right 50 yards. When you’re in a cart, this isn’t as big of a benefit. But if you’re walking, you’ll be thanking the app developers every time you see ahead.

Speaking of being off the beaten track, Hole19’s shot tracking system is top notch for keeping a record of your misses. Generate enough data by playing more rounds and you’ll know exactly where to aim when your driver or irons are a bit wild.

2. Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie

Golfshot: Golf GPS + Caddie gives you more information than needed with every shot—but at the same time, it’s the perfect amount of information. Want to know how much it will take to clear a bunker, hit the front of a green, or hit a 150 layup? 

Golfshot gives you this information every time you get ready to hit. When you’re deciding between running it up or flying it in, these measurements come in clutch.

If you have a GHIN number and post your scores after every round, you’ll want to give Golfshot some extra attention. You can post scores directly to the GHIN system from the app. While other golf GPS systems make you have a second app for this, Golfshot eliminates the need.

3. GolfLogix GPS + Putt Line

Hole selection has never been easier on the Android watch than it is with GolfLogix. The intuitive nature of this app lets you go back and forth from hole to hole with just a few clicks. Even better, the screen layout always make it clear what hole you’re looking at. 

If we had to choose the best golf app for Android watches for beginners, it is hands down GolfLogix. (Yeah, we know we said we wouldn’t give out category winners)

Something unique about GolfLogix is that it has the greens of thousands of courses mapped. Some people love this, others find it unnecessary. I’m in the latter group, but understand why golfers like it so much. If you can confidently read green maps, there is no better app. If you struggle, especially with the small screen, you only have to ignore the feature.

4. mScorecard – Golf Scorecard

Sometimes simple is the best. If you’re looking for an app to keep your score, your partners score, and other basic statistics, the best app for Android watches is mScorecard. Adding to this, you’ll also be graced with visuals of the entire hole and movable distances. 

There is also a great social aspect to mScorecard. You can easily sharing your stats and scorecards with your friends through various apps, including Facebook and WhatsApp. Keep in mind the feature is entirely optional. That means only having to share your rounds with two bridies—not the ones with two quadruple bogeys. A little showboating never hurt anyone.

5. Golf GPS Range Finder Free

Price matters, especially when deciding on the best Android watch golf app. Most watches require pricy subscriptions that open key features. With the Golf GPS Range Finder Free, the emphasis is on Free. A great app for getting into the Android watch golf app world, we recommend this for golfers of all levels.

This app measures distance using clear aerial pictures. Drag the cursor, get the distance to the center of the green. Leave the guessing to your opponents. The base of this app is heavily rooted in the GPS function. Because of this, you have premium level distances, all within a free app.

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