5 Best Golf Handles for Oculus Quest 2 in 2023

Virtual Reality is great. Golf is great. Put them together? Very great.

When virtual reality started to creep into the mainstream, things like golf had the same production quality as Wii Sports. Now that’s not a knock on Wii Sports. Ask anyone and they’ll have great things to say about it—it was awesome. It also had its time and we moved past it.

A golf handle is a physical object that connects to your VR hand controller and upgrades your virtual gaming experience.

These products transformed the way we can hit the virtual links. But there are countless choices on the market with slight variations that make major differences in user experience. We break down the 5 best golf handles for Oculus Quest 2 below.

1. Amavasion VR Golf Club Handle 

This is the best Oculus Quest 2 golf handle for golf purists. Complete with a Golf Pride grip, this pick is your best option if you want to feel like you’re swinging one of your own clubs when playing  in a virtual world.

Weight distribution will be a bit off, but with a high-quality grip on the end, your feeling at address will be familiar and comfortable. However, when you combine the weight of the controller with that of the grip and an iron core, total weight difference is minimal.

If you want a realistic golf experience, the Amavision VR Handle is a premier choice.

2. DeadEyeVR DriVR – VR Golf Club Handle Accessory 

A golf handle accessory should not threaten the condition of your controller. DeadEyeVR agrees. With an advanced system of strapping to secure the handle, this choice provides the same high-quality levels of safety as it does gameplay.

Sometimes it’s not all about the gaming experience. Other times, it’s about convenience and making sure nothing breaks when it gets tossed in a drawer between uses. This is where the DeadEyeVR DriVR separates itself from the pack. 

This VR golf handle comes with an easy-to-install wall mount so that the product condition always matches the last time it was in action. And while the product is designed to hang on the wall between uses, by no means will it stand up to a golf swing that puts it into the wall—just like any other handle.

3. AMVR Golf Club Handle Attachment 

Simple can be great. Golf grip. Controller connection. High-quality materials. AMVR produced a golf handle perfect for the Oculus Quest 2 by incorporating all these great things into one product. I’ll sign up for that.

If you’re like me, it can be tough to feel as if you’re having a lifelike experience swinging just the handle of a club, even if the weighting is correct. AMVR must feel the same way because they take care of the issue by means of an extendable shaft, producing that more realistic feel golfers are looking for.


The best golf handle for Oculus Quest 2 is one that’s easy to use for a first-time VR player. As such, this is great choice for someone’s first golf handle.

The HONJOMIN handle provides a system to keep your handle safe without being overcomplicated. Adding on, the product is soundly made, and you can expect it maintain like-new conditions for a significant period of time. So long as you keep it from getting physically banged up, this VR golf handle will operate as well as it did on day 1000 as it did day 1.

ZYBER Handle Attachments for Oculus Quest 2 

Being able to do more than one thing with the same product provides added value. Being affordable is added value. An Oculus Quest 2 accessory that you can play multiple games with, including golf, at a reasonable price is something worth looking into.

The ZYBER Handle Attachments is the perfect product for testing the waters before buying a golf-specific Oculus attachment. 

The downside to this specific produce is it’s more of a handle you can play golf with, than a golf handle. You don’t have a golf grip on the end of it and you can’t take a normal grip. 

You won’t buy this for a golfer. But you will buy it if you’re interested in playing virtual golf with a group of people who want to do just that, play virtual golf. It won’t be the most lifelike experience, but with everything else it has going, it’s a great, multipurpose option.

Things to Consider and Things to Know

I see Oculus Quest 2 and Meta Quest 2 in some places, what’s up with that?

They’re the same thing! The product line was originally named Oculus but has since been renamed Meta. Given that Meta bought Oculus back in 2014, it was only a matter of time. 

Do I Need a Meta Quest 2 Golf Handle?

Absolutely. Owning the Meta Quest 2 and playing golf without the attachment diminishes your experience. Purchasing the handle is your final piece of the puzzle. While there’s no substitute for stepping out onto the course, this is your next best option.

Lefty or Righty

How you golf does not matter how you golf virtually. And no, we’re not talking about skill. Any way you cut it; skill will always play the same old frustrating role it has.

The same Meta Quest 2 handle works for righty and lefty golfers. You can switch back and forth amongst your friends as you play without issue.

Golf Only? Or Other Sports Too?

Some handles are better for golf and others are better for playing a variety of activities. 

Think about it literally. A product that comes with one handle, like most on our list, are perfect for things like golf and tennis, which are played with one piece (golf club, tennis racquet). Other products, like the Zyber handle, come as a pair and are more versatile but are less tailored for golf. 

If you’re all in on golf, go with a golf handle. If you want versatility, there’s options available you can also use for golf.