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5 Best Golf Swing Apps For iPhone and iPad

Written by G&C Staff

The goal of most golfers out there is to better their game by reducing their handicap and improving their swing technique. Luckily in today’s digital world of incredible technology, you are able to analyze your swing and make adjustments by just using your smartphone or tablet (iPhone or iPad). Let’s look at the best ones out there. 

The best golf swing apps for an iPhone or iPad have to be V1 Golf, Shot Tracer, Golf SwingPlane, Mirror Vision, and Swing Profile Golf Analyzer. These apps allow you to record, send, receive, and playback your swing in slow motion, even being able to compare or overlap swings. 

If you are frustrated due to your swing technique and are looking at other ways to improve by utilizing technology suited for your iPhone or iPad, this article is for you. We will cover the five best swing apps for the iPhone and iPad that will allow you to record and analyze your swing as well as going over all their additional features. 

Top 5 golf swing apps for iPhone and iPad

Below we have listed the top 5 golf swing apps that you can use on your iPhone or IPad. We saved the best for last, but each of these apps is phenomenal and only made it into our list because they were the best of the best. 

Mirror Vision

Although Mirror Vision is new on the market and does not have quite the same number of users and reviews as some of the other major players, this app is nothing to pull your nose up at.

Its features include real-time streaming, 240 fps slow-motion video recording and playback, self-insert reference lines, review and analysis of your swing, importing and exporting of videos, and seamless sharing capabilities that do not require the internet or WiFi. 

They claim to be the only app that offers full use of the iPhone’s potential, and by streaming the camera from one iOS device (iPhone or iPad)  to the others screen, you will be able to see your swing in real-time. Not to mention it does this with ultra-low latency.

The intuitive real-time feedback allows you to understand and learn new motor patterns much faster because users can visually see what they are feeling and are able to make changes accordingly. This app is free but offers a Pro subscription plan.

Check out Mirror Vision on the iStore here

Golf SwingPlane

This app was featured by USA Today in Golf and Gear 2011 and Golf Monthly UK. It was said to be the must-have swing comparison app. 

Costing only $2.99, they claim that it can save you thousands of dollars in video equipment. For players, the telestrator and the frame-by-frame feature will tell you all you need to know regarding your golf swing. 

Coaches and instructors can use the side-by-side feature that allows them to show students the improvements they have made over previous swings.

Monte Scheinblum, an Instructor at Oak Creek Golf Club in Irvine, California, used it to work with two-time PGA Tour winner Frank Lickliter to help him finish 13that the Valero Texas Open.

Some features of the app include side-by-side comparison, recording down the line and face on swings using two devices, uploading, importing, exporting, angle indicators, slow motion, and frame-by-frame advance and rewind.  This app is free but offers in-app purchases for pro videos and video lessons. 

Check out Golf SwingPlane on the iStore here

Swing Profile Golf Analyzer

This app allows you to replay your own golf swing after the shot instantly and boasts of being the only golf app that can automatically capture and playback your golf swing completely handsfree. 

This app is perfect for golf training, swing analysis, and coaching. Some features include auto-reply golf training, auto swing detection, auto-create swing sequence, auto draw swing plane, auto trim video, auto synchronize two golf swings, and various other tools. 

If that still doesn’t excite you, this app was awarded “Best Overall Product” and “Best Market Research) at the 2012 PGS Merchandise show. 

Deb Vangellow, an LPGA Master Professional and the 2012 LPGA National Teacher of the Year, swears by this app. This app is free but offers in-app purchases and a renewable subscription that varies in price if you are a player or coach. The elite membership will run you $9.99 per month, while the coaching play will cost you $19.99 per month.

Check out Swing Profile Golf Analyzer on the iStore here

V1 Golf

This app offers a free and paid membership version and is probably one of the best swing apps out there. 

The free version includes features to capture and analyze your golf swing by capturing 140 fps in HD, slow motion playback, drawing tools, professional model swing library, cloud storage, accelerate, trim, editing, zoom, and flipping angles that allow you to show right and left-handed views. 

The V1 Golf app also offers the privilege of being able to receive video analysis from a V1 pro coach. You can send your videos directly to them, receive video analysis, and connect with not a couple but thousands of V1 coaches that can help improve your game.

The in-app annual subscription includes an ad-free experience, an extensive model swing library, the ability to import golf swings from your camera roll, compare two golf swings in slow motion, overlay two golf swings for more precise comparison, delete multiple videos at once, share videos and priority support.

Being a member also offers you the chance to benefit from their partners, including giving specials on the most beloved brands in golf.  

 Check out V1 Golf on the iStore here

Shot Tracer

This is probably the best swing app on the market available for the iPhone and iPad. Professionals use it on the Challenge Tour, Seniors Tour, Canadian PGA Tour, Japan PGA Tour, Symetra Tour, and West Florida Tour. 

Boasting that it needs no internet connection, some of its features include automatic start to finish ball flight tracing, golf ball tracking, measure actual distance with GPS, and a digital scorecard. More features include tracing multiple shots in one video, custom logo insertion, fully customizable colors, automatic smart video trimming, shadow effect, and laser line. 

A very cool feature is its map tracer that allows you to trace your golf shots on a 3D map for over 30 thousand golf courses. You can also use it to save GPS data in videos to set locations automatically.

It also offers excellent 3D ball flight animation, the newest HD maps, and comes in 16:9 and 1:1 resolutions, making it perfect for Instagram. 

This app comes in a free version and a paid membership version that costs $1.99 per month and ads the ability to add a map to your Shot Tracer line. 

All the features that come with this app in its free base version are phenomenal, and if you are looking for an app that does it all, then this is one that you should consider. 

Check out Shot Tracer on the iStore here


We discovered that there are many apps out there today that can help you take your golf game to the next level allowing you to record your swing in real-time and being able to play it back in slow motion. 

Not only that but some of these apps have great additional features like GPS tracking, digital scorecards, being able to get in touch with pro coaches, and more. 

All these apps are free to download, but they offer subscription services that give you more features. However, for most of these apps, a subscription is unnecessary because all the main features you will need to record and analyzie your swing come in the free version. 

If you are looking to improve your swing without having to go to a coach or hire tons of video recording equipment, you should definitely check out one of these apps that we featured in this article. Any one of them will offer you great benefits, and choice will boil down to preference.