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Find out about some of the best golf swing apps for iPhone and iPad including golf swing analysis, golf swing comparison and tips and instruction videos.

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Swing Profile Golf Free

The Swing Profile Golf Free app for iPhone helps analyze the sequence of positions your swing to help you find room for improvement or areas of inconsistency between swings (using the swing comparison feature.

Swing Profile Golf’s Features

  • Auto Capture – the app detects and records only the motion of your golf swing
  • Auto Trim – superfluous footages is auto-deleted leaving a 2-second clip of your swing motion
  • Auto Sequence – a sequence of 7 images of the stages of your golf swing are produced
  • Auto Line – draws your swing plane
  • Auto Sync – synchronizes two different swings regardless of tempo difference so you can compare them easily
Swing Profile iPhone Song Sequence

Swing Profile iPhone Song Sequence

Download the SwingProfile Golf for iPhone Free from iTunes.

Download the  SwingProfile Golf for iPad Free from iTunes.

Rotary Swing Instruction Videos

Rotary Swing Instruction Video

Rotary Swing Instruction Video

The Rotary Swing Instruction Videos app includes: RST full swing videos, Bomb Your Driver Bonus Series and the RST Fitness series. The app is an extension of the Rotary Swing website premium features and doesn’t include any golf swing recording or analysis, just video content about Rotary Swing methods and techniques.

Rotary Swing Features


Download the Rotary Swing Instruction Videos app for iTunes.

GOGI Swing Pro

GOGI Swing Pro Logo

GOGI Swing Pro Logo

GOGI Swing Pro is a free golf swing app for the iPhone and help players gain insights into their swing mechanics and highlight areas of improvement.

The app allows you to record your swing and analze it using a drawing tool and a library of PGA pro swings to compare it to.

The app also provides access to practice drills and instruction videos featuring highly respected golf instructors.

GOGI Swing Pro Features

  • Record, analyze, compare and share your golf swing
  • Tour-proven practice drills and golf fitness exercises to accelerate your development
  • HD instructional videos featuring PGA teacher of the year Todd Anderson and world-renowned golf fitness expert, Randy Myers
  • Capture and upload videos to GOGI
  • Swing Pro syncs with your online GOGI profile for further analysis and sharing with friends and instructors.
GOGI Swing Pro Swing Analysis

GOGI Swing Pro Swing Analysis

Download the GOGI Swing Pro iPhone app from iTunes

Golf Coach Swing Analysis App

Golf coach swing analysis logo

Golf coach swing analysis logo

The Golf Coach Swing Analysis iPhone app is used by PGA instructors and golfers from around the world. It is used to record HD quality swings that can then be played in slow motion with a zoom function. The facility to record audio instructions and feedback for the videos has made it a popular choice amongst golf instructor.

Golf Coach Swing Analysis App Features

  • Watch your swing in slow motion side by side with tour pro golf swings
  • Use it to capture instructions during golf lessons with voice overs and side by side comparisons
  • Get tips and drills from thousands of professional golfers to help you practice and improve.

Download Golf Coach Swing Analysis from iTunes.

Tiger Woods: My Swing

Tiger Woods App Logo

Tiger Woods App Logo

The Tiger Woods: My Swing iPhone app makes it possible for golf fans to try and replicate Tiger Woods swing and improve their swing.

Tiger Woods: My Swing Feaures

  • Enhanced video capture
  • Side-by-sde swing comparison with Tiger Woods
  • Advance golf swing analysis and how-to demonstrated by Tiger Woods
  • Sharing and feedback tools tied to friends and community members
  • Exclusive updates from Tiger Woods

Download Tigers Woods: My Swing App for iTunes.

V1 Golf App

V1 Golf App Logo

V1 Golf App Logo

The V1 Golf app for iPhone has been designed to help golfers analyze and improve their swing by comparing it side-by-side with the swings of a library of Tour Pros. The app also includes a PGA Professionals directory with the option to send your swing for analysis and feedback.

V1 Golf Features

  • A suite of drawing tools
  • Video trim and playback options
  • Game improvement drills
V1 Golf App Swing Analysis

V1 Golf App Swing Analysis

Download the V1 Golf app for iTunes.