Golf is a surprisingly technologically advanced sport, although it might not seem like that on the surface. From cutting-edge clubs using space-aged materials to accessories and gadgets designed to improve the experience of play for amateurs and pros alike, there is a lot of variety on the market at the moment.

If you need guidance when it comes to picking golf tech, check out this rundown of the best products available to buy in 2020.


There’s an app for everything these days, whether you want to find a great recipe for your next dinner party, check the weather on the other side of the planet or play at a casino online. So it should be no surprise that golfers can download lots of different apps tailored to their needs.

One of the top apps to consider is Hole19, available in both a free and a premium version. It encompasses a range of features and functions, but at its core it is designed to help you keep tabs on your progress as you move around the course and deliver accurate info about each hole you face.

Hole19 not only works on Android and iOS handsets, but is also compatible with several smart watches, making it even more convenient to use out on the fairway.

Garmin Approach Z80

As well as making excellent golf-focused smart watches, Garmin is one of a number of manufacturers that has a laser range finder in its line-up.

The Approach Z80 boasts a host of impressive features, including the promise of being accurate to within 10 inches and making use of GPS to enhance its precision and usability.

It has the ability to display courses in full color for added convenience, includes a 2D greenview overlay and can even be used to find flags from a great distance. Coupled with the image stabilization tech, this range finder could not be more user-friendly, and it even looks super-stylish to boot.

Stewart X9 Follow

As the name suggests, this electrically powered golf trolley has the ability to follow behind you as you traverse the course, saving you the effort of lugging your bag and clubs around manually.

It comes complete with its own wireless handset, which is linked to the trolley via Bluetooth. You can control it manually, but it also has plenty of automated features to make sure that it is always maneuvering in a controlled way, whether it is rolling across the flat or trundling downhill.

While the X9 Follow may be one of the costlier pieces of golf tech to consider, it is definitely a worthwhile investment if you are eager to avoid unnecessary physical strain while playing a round at the club.

Zepp 2

So much of gold is about perfecting your swing and learning from the mistakes you are making which would otherwise remain unnoticed. This is made all the more achievable by the Zepp 2, a swing analyzer that is wrist-mounted for convenience and makes use of integrated sensors to monitor each and every movement you make.

As with lots of other smart tech designed for golf, this analyzer is best used in conjunction with the official smartphone app that accompanies it, as this provides you with access to the in-depth data it records and translates this into actionable advice on how to tweak your swing.

Victorinox Golf Tool

Not all golf tech has to be electronic, as ably demonstrated by this Swiss-made tool from respected manufacturer Victorinox.

It features inclusions that you would expect to find on a standard Swiss Army knife, in addition to golf-specific add-ons such as a ball marker and a tee puncher. Now you should be able to top up with tech before your next round.