The Masters 2017
The Masters 2017

Participating in the Masters Golf Tournament is a thrill and unique experience that draws thousands of golf enthusiasts year after year. If you are considering a trip to the Masters golf tournament here are some major dates to keep in mind and things to do throughout the entire tournament.

Watch the Players Arrive for the Monday Practice Round

Stick close to the Clubhouse and watch players as they arrive and get a feel for the course. If it is too crowded by the Clubhouse then stake out the live oak between it and the first hole. This a frequent haunt for players, media personalities, and administrators throughout the entire event.

This is also a great time to pick up high demand items from the vendors as well since they typically sell out by the time the tournament really picks up steam.

Be Ready for the Opening Tee Shots

The ceremonial opening tee shot on Thursday includes all the excitement of Sunday with none of the stress. It is also the time in which the grounds are most crowded, so make certain to arrive early and that your party has a designated meeting spot and time if you get separated since modern phones are not allowed in. We suggest you be ready to walk in when the gates open in order to see everything.

Be Swift Footed During the Saturday Competitive Round

If you miss the start of the tournament make certain to be present this day. Only those within 10 shots of the lead (maximum 50) are permitted to continue to this day. While not as stressful for the players as Sunday, there is a definite edge in the air as players know that their final tallies will determine if they continue or go home with dreams of the next event.

Just remember to not run. The golf course management strictly enforces this rule and people have been known to be asked to either slow down or leave in the past. It is best for you to strategize when you go from hole to hole to watch your favorite players.

Arrive Early and Stay Late for the Sunday Competitive Round

Many people consider this the day the tournament truly picks up steam. Only the best performing players continue to this final day, making it truly a sight to see. Thanks to the increased pressure and media attention this final day brings, it is vital you look your best and be in position as quickly as possible.

Since this is the final day of the tournament some scheduling changes may occur. It is best to assume that the event will start and hour early and last several hours past the official ending time. Make certain to adjust your travel plans accordingly.

Visit the Merchandise Tent Strategically

This is a popular destination for media personalities, players, and viewers alike. Only a few booths are set up every year, making it an entertaining and time-consuming experience. Have an idea of what you would like to get before arriving. A pro tip – get your seat elsewhere. The last thing you want to have to worry about is the vendor running out when you most need a seat.

Remember to Leave the Digital Camera and Phone at Home

Any device that can be used to swiftly disseminate information about the tournament and its players is banned from the playing field. The only exception to this is traditional (film roll) cameras for the practice days. Once the tournament officially starts on Thursday even this is forbidden. Make sure to get all the pictures you want before the opening round!