There are no strong requirements for a college if you’re an amateur in golf. However, if you’re a professional player with a vast background, you need to do thorough research to find a college that meets your needs.

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We’ve tried to simplify your life by creating a list of the best colleges for students who love golf. We have examined a large number of factors like terrains and golf programs.

Stanford University

This university is a leader in our list of the most reputable universities for those who like golf. There is a great course near the campus. Also, there are a lot of amazing places to play golf like the Los Angeles Country Club or Riviera.

Unfortunately, tuition expenses are quite high at this university. Vice versa, the acceptance rate is less than 5%, which is very low. Therefore, do not hesitate to use academic writing services to get a top-notch admission essay.

Yale University

Yale’s golf field is one of the finest in the US. Yale learners can play this game and master their skills because the 18-hole track is owned and operated by Yale University.

University of Florida

This university is famous for its golf track near the college. It is a private course. However, learners can play there with no limits for $375 per term only. Note that golf cars require additional fees. Anyway, you can always walk and save your money.

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University of Michigan

This university has two golf tracks on the campus. Therefore, learners can train their skills because one of the courses is reserved for students, staff, and club members. The other golf track is more prestigious, and it’s also available for learners.

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University of Georgia

Choose this university if you like golf and looking for a great university. The UGA has a top-notch golf course where students can train and pass their time playing golf. The 18-holes track corresponds to the modern golf championship requirements and provides top-grade service. The UGA provides the ability to make a virtual tour and examine the course online.

Ohio State University

This university has a dedicated golf society that allows students to master their skills and play golf with no limits. The Ohio State University Golf Club was founded in 1940 and renovated in 2006. 

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University of Texas

If you decide to get a degree at the University of Texas, you will have the ability to play golf on a private course. Fortunately, there is another track close to the college. It is less delightful but still good for playing golf. Note that the university does not invest in this land and interested in using it for other purposes. However, for now, it is still available for students, alumni, and club members.

New Mexico University

This educational institution has two different courses. The Championship course offers top-grade facilities with a well-thought-out layout that makes it challenging to reach the rolling.

The second one, North Course, is a 27-holes golf track that held the first professional tournament in Albuquerque. There are 7300 yards of high-quality greens for golf lovers.

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Final Words about Golf in Colleges

Unfortunately, there are no universities that focus on golf only and invest all their resources in courses. If you’re looking for a great college that provides access to a great golf track with high-quality facilities, consider entering the Stanford, Yale, or Ohio State University. These ones have the best courses for students.