Bubba Watson

Two time Masters Champion Bubba Watson is one of the longest drivers in the professional game today. His 2015 average is 310.3 yards (second only to Dustin Johnson's 315.1) and Bubba has been clocked generating ball speeds of up to 194 mph (312 km/h). So what is it about the Bubba Watson swing that makes him such a powerful driving force?

The Bubba Watson Swing in Slow Motion


According to Bubba himself it's all about a relaxed open stance and spending a great deal of his practice time working on timing specifics, skills he says he has drastically improved on over the last few years. And oddly enough he is one of the few pros who does not employ a swing coach, choosing to make his own swing adjustments if and when necessary.

Others though have a theory that it's Bubba's unique shoulder and hip movement within his swing that is a bigger key to his success. This is Peter Kostis breaking down the Bubba Watson swing at the 2014 Waste Management Phoenix Open

And this is ESPN's ‘Sports Science' take on the improbable drive on the 2nd playoff hole of the 2012 Masters that seemed to defy all known laws of the golf drive:

Because it's not a technically conventional, if very powerful and effective, swing it's unlikely that many swing coaches would deliberately teach the Bubba Watson golf swing to their pupils but there is still plenty golfers can learn from it to perhaps incorporate into their own.