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Family Guy Poke Fun At Golf – Peter Throws His Golf Bag

Another reminder of what non-golfers think of golf. This time from Family Guy poking fun at the glorious game with a sketch featuring Peter and Lois going for a couples round of golf. Lois: So what do I do, just...

15 Facts You Never Knew About Golf Clubs Infographic

Your golf clubs are, very obviously, a huge part of your game. But how much do you really know about golf clubs in general? Do you know who historians think may have actually invented a crude version of a...
Best Golf Blogs

Top 50 Golf Blogs – The World’s Best Golf Blogs

Checkout our newly update top 50 golf blog list. After much research and trawling of the web, we've refreshed our list of the 50 best golf blogs to reflect the current popular golf blogs and some up-and-comers. They have...
Golf ball stuck in a cactus

Worst Golf Lies – Dangerous, Stupid or Impossible To “Play It As It Lies”

We've all had bad days at golf, particularly when luck is not on our side. Few things can do more damage to a golfer's scorecard and temperament than a bad lie.What's the worst golf lie you've ever had? Can...
SwingTalk Aligned With Club Head Face

SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer Review

Over the last few weeks I've been using the SwingTalk Golf Swing Analyzer to help work on my golf swing. I've used it at the driving range, my back garden and on the golf course on a range of...
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7 Funny Golf Posters & Golf Signs

Seven hilarious golf signs and golf posters including golf jokes, words of advice and just A Miserable Day On The Golf Course ...still beats a good day at the office. Any Persons (Except Players) Caught Collecting Golf Balls ....on this golf course...
Alligator Attacks Python on Florida Golf Course

Alligator Attacks Python On Florida Golf Course

An alligator has been photographed attacking a Burmese Python on a golf course in Florida. The golfer was playing at Fiddlers Creek in Naples, Florida when he spotted the alligator taking a bite out of the python. Apologies for the...
Mole HIlls, Mo Problems

Watch This Amazing Golf Course Mole Removal Technique

Moles are a greenkeepers worst nightmare. They can ruin months of hard work overnight. Watch this man's amazing technique as he removes a mole from under the fairway of his local golf course.
Swing by Swing Golf Apps

Best Golf Apps For Android

If there's an android app that's great for golfer's that isn't on this list, please let us know and we'll add it to the list. Swing by Swing App Swing by Swing website: www.swingbyswing.com Download - Swing by Swing V1 Golf App V1 Golf...
It isn't just old men on the golf course

Golf Games Are Getting Far Too Realistic

Gone are the days of unrealistic golf computer games with poor game play. It's now possible to enjoy a realistic game of golf from the comfort of your own home. Like when you duff a shot and hit the ground... <a...