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The Extreme 19th Green

The Extreme 19th – The World’s Hardest Golf Hole

It’s not the world’s longest hole, it doesn’t have any water hazards and it’s a par 3. The first clue that this is a hole like no other is the helicopter that takes golfers to the tee. The tee is...

Bizarre Golf News Stories You’ll Think Are Fake

Fraudster Sold $20 Novelty Golf Ball Finders For $60,000 British fraudster Jim McCormick sold $20 novelty golf ball finders as Explosive detectors for $60,000. With clients including the Iraqi police and governments, police and military services in Niger, Georgia, Saudi Arabia...
Swing by Swing Golf Apps

Best Golf Apps For Android

If there's an android app that's great for golfer's that isn't on this list, please let us know and we'll add it to the list. Swing by Swing App Swing by Swing website: www.swingbyswing.com Download - Swing by Swing V1 Golf App V1 Golf...