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Family Guy Poke Fun At Golf – Peter Throws His Golf Bag

Another reminder of what non-golfers think of golf. This time from Family Guy poking fun at the glorious game with a sketch featuring Peter and Lois going for a couples round of golf. Lois: So what do I do, just...
Golf ball stuck in a cactus

Worst Golf Lies – Dangerous, Stupid or Impossible To “Play It As It Lies”

We've all had bad days at golf, particularly when luck is not on our side. Few things can do more damage to a golfer's scorecard and temperament than a bad lie.What's the worst golf lie you've ever had? Can...
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7 Funny Golf Posters & Golf Signs

Seven hilarious golf signs and golf posters including golf jokes, words of advice and just A Miserable Day On The Golf Course ...still beats a good day at the office. Any Persons (Except Players) Caught Collecting Golf Balls ....on this golf course...

Funny Golf Quotes

A selection of the funniest jokes, quotes and quips from professional golfers and celebrity golf fans including; Tiger Woods, Ben Hogan, Cameron Diaz, Lee Trevino, James Caan and Harper Lee. ”Hockey is a sport for white men. Basketball is a...
It isn't just old men on the golf course

Golf Games Are Getting Far Too Realistic

Gone are the days of unrealistic golf computer games with poor game play. It's now possible to enjoy a realistic game of golf from the comfort of your own home. Like when you duff a shot and hit the ground... <a...
Will Ferrell Golf Rules

Will Ferrell’s Golf Rules At The Will-Powered Golf Classic

Will Ferrell hosts his own golf tournament, The Will-Powered Golf Classic. He's added a few rules to help spectators act with the appropriate etiquette for such a prestigious event.

Golf E Book Review – I Golf Therefore I Am..Nuts

Even if you are not much of a reader on a daily basis everyone needs at least one good easy to get into, not too taxing on the old grey matter summer read. There's time to kill waiting those...
Old Man Fights Crocodile For Golf Ball

Old Man Fights Crocodile For Golf Ball

You might've read our 16 Beginners Golf Tips, you might have missed it. We thought it covered the main areas to help new golfers get a foothold in the game, but we were wrong. Apparently, a little golf advice regarding...
Golfer's Head Stuck In Bin

Drunk Golfer Gets Head Stuck In Bin

We've all had bad rounds of golf. Cursed under our breath, kicked our golf trolley or thrown a golf club in anger. But Dave Sayers's of Wolstanton Golf Club in Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire had a truly unique way of expressing...
A lion would never cheat on his girlfriend, a Tiger Wood

Tiger Woods Joke: A Lion And A Tiger

Tiger Woods Joke: A lion would never cheat on his girlfriend, a Tiger Wood.