Do you love to golf but hate overpaying for tee times?

Golf is a great sport to enjoy, but it is a pretty expensive sport if you're going to play regularly and at the nation's top golf courses. Tee times at some of the most popular courses can easily cost hundreds of dollars.

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But the goods for people on a budget is that there are plenty of ways to save money on golf, while still playing your favorite courses. Keep reading to learn some of our best tips.

How To Find Deals At Top Golf Courses

Your golf hobby doesn't have to put a big hole in your pocket. Here are five tips to help you find great prices at golf courses near you if you're looking for things to do this weekend.

1. Daily Deal Websites

Daily deal websites, such as Groupon, are excellent ways to save a lot of money on golf. Make sure you check these websites often, as deals are continually coming and going. You can also subscribe to email alerts, so you're the first to know when new golf deals are released.

2. Join Email Lists

Make sure you join the email lists at all your favorite golf courses. While getting too many emails can be annoying, you'll want to stay up-to-date at your favorites. Many golf courses will send out discount codes or last-minute deals to their email list first, so you might miss out if you're not on the list.

3. Download Booking Apps

Booking apps are another awesome way to save money at your favorite clubs. There are plenty of apps out there, such as GolfNow, that allow you to search for the cheapest tee times near you and book instantly.

They also offer sales regularly so that you can save even more money on top of discounted tee times.

4. Coupon Books

While coupon books seem archaic to some, many golf courses and golf associations still use them as a way to advertise their club and offer visitors a discount. Coupon books vary widely, and some offer better deals than others, but if you purchase one for your area, you'll be able to support local clubs at an excellent price.

5. Join a Golf Association

Joining a golf association connects you with a lot of great benefits and discounts at clubs. Most states have a golf association, or you can join ones on a national level as well.

Another bonus of joining a golf association is that most of the deals will be available to members only, not the general public, so you'll have first dibs on the top courses near you.

Learn More About Golfing on a Budget

Golf has a reputation for being an expensive sport, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy it on any budget. Now that you know how to find cheap tee times on the top golf courses, you probably still want to see how you can save even more money.

Make sure you check out the rest of our website for more helpful savings and budgeting tips that make golf more accessible to anyone.