It can be hard to maintain interest in golf over the winter. Sure, there are plenty of golf tournaments still going on, but they’re usually over the other side of the world (and if you like wagering on golf, make sure you keeping in touch with all the golf betting odds). When it comes to your own game – if you’re a player yourself – the last thing you might want to do on a cold, wet and miserable Sunday morning is to hit your local course for nine or eighteen chilly holes.

There are plenty of alternatives to the golf course that are still good for your golfing, so perhaps you could explore a few examples while you are waiting for the sun to think about shining once again? If you hit the gym now (before the January rush) you’ll be able to maintain your core muscles (abdominals, obliques, lower back and gluteus) and strengthen your glutes – key muscle groups when it comes to power and balance.

There are also other fitness classes you could take in order to maintain and even improve your game while you are forced to avoid the fairways. Yoga is an excellent discipline for helping with core stability and flexibility. It will also help to lengthen your muscles which is ideal when it comes to increasing your range of motion. Flexibility and motion range are crucial if you want to max out your swing. Don’t think that such exercises are only for the younger set – older golfers need to work harder to maintain their flexibility and strength because as you age, your body naturally begins to weaken and becomes more restricted in its movements.

You can of course enhance your swing without even hitting a ball. For greater effectiveness, you may want to consider working with weighted clubs. Your muscles will gain ‘memory’ about how to swing heavier clubs and – as long as your technique is correct – your swing will be much more effective and powerful when you switch back to normally-weighted clubs.

You may also wish to take the time to examine your technique. You can do this by practising in the mirror or – even better – by filming yourself swinging. It is much easier to examine what you are doing while you are not actually doing it. That way you will have the time to correct anything in your swing that is not quite how it should be, and you can compare videos side-by-side to see if you are making the necessary improvements.

Of course there is no need to neglect your golfing completely over the winter. A weekly visit to the driving range is a must, and at least you will be under cover should the heavens suddenly open. You can also hit the putting greens to practice your short game – you may get a little chilly but at least you won’t be out in inclement weather for hours!

Winter is no time to neglect your game – indeed it might be the best time of the year to enhance it!