eBook review: Lady Golfer’s Guide


The game of golf as played by women has changed a great deal in just a few decades. Since the LPGA was founded in 1950 professional female golfers have gradually become better respected – and better rewarded, both in terms of tournament winnings and sponsorship deals – and you are likely at many clubs to see as many women golfers out on the links as men.

The golf game played by men and women is essentially the same but it would be wrong to say that the approach to training should be exactly the same. Lady Golfer’s Guide is an e book system that is something of a rarity; a golf training book written especially with the female golfer in mind that in no way assumes that women are inferior golfers to men, just a bit different.

What Lady Golfer’s Guide Offers

Lady Golfer’s Guide was written and put together by Anniket Coleman, a coach and sports journalist who has been involved in women’s golf for over three decades . The ebooks seek to cover more than just basic tactics to improve your swing or improve your putting game. Beginning with just how a female golfer should shop for golf equipment to make sure that they get exactly what they need at a reasonable price through various physical and mental exercises and fitness routines to extensive on course tips to help female golfers improve every aspect of their game (as well as, the author claims, more than hold their own with any males they happen to play against.)

Is Lady Golfer’s Guide Worth the Investment?

Although it does contain plenty of information that more experienced female golfers can get a lot out of (especially the conditioning tips) Lady Golfer’s Guide really is designed to be of greatest use to the golfer who is getting ready to turn an occasional golf game into a more serious hobby.

A single glance at the table of contents is enough to show readers just how complete the guide is. Beginning with the basics of the game (including a rather good section about the growth of the LPGA and the ladies’ game in general) Coleman takes the reader on a journey to the golf course via the equipment store (with a rather informative chapter about just how less scrupulous sports stores will try to get lady golfers to spend far more than they need to.) There is a lot of great information packed into the 200+ pages (plus extras.) that certainly provides more than a few hours worth of reading material.

One of the most extensive sections of the book, one that would actually benefit golfers of either sex is the information on yoga for golfers. Yoga is known to be an especially good mind and body exercise discipline that a growing number of athletes from many different sports have been embracing over the last couple of decades (in the world of professional golf a number of pros are known to be yoga fans including current Masters champ Jordan Spieth) The book offers a number of golf specific routines that are well illustrated and relatively easy to follow (with no special gym equipment needed, another bonus.)

In addition to the Lady Golfer’s Guide e book the $29.90 cover price includes a number of other bonus books including “The Tee Time Diet – What To Eat Before, During And After You Play” which was written by Coleman and Harvard dietitians Dr. Uma Viswanatham, and Neil Orenstein, Ph.D.

All in all for the beginning to casual female golfer Lady Golfer’s Guide would make an excellent investment and given the relatively low cost it may be well worth more experienced golfers picking up as well.

To learn more and to buy Lady Golfer’s Guide simply follow this link: http://www.ladygolfersguide.com/?hop=0