eBook Review – Mind Factor Coach

Players Programme Deluxe - The MIND FACTOR online

Mind Factor Coach is not a single golfing ebook, or even a single golfing e course, it is instead a series of such offerings from English golf coach Karl Morris, a man whose teachings focus, as is increasingly the case, on the mental side of the game of golf and what he refers to as the ‘mind body connection’.

What Mind Factor Coach Offers

As previously mentioned Mind Factor Coach is a series of offerings that can be purchased and followed as standalone lessons and tools or a single, combined offering that offers the majority of the available content in a single package.

That larger package, Players Programme Deluxe, is the most popular and so worth concentrating on for the purposes of review. A combination of online videos and down loadable PDFs the package is almost completely online based which does mean it can be accessed from a wide range of platforms and devices, something that many golfers will no doubt find useful.

The majority of the material, which is primarily aimed at the keener amateur golfer – someone who plays at least a little more often than the average weekend warrior – is provided by Karl Morris himself, a man who has worked with pros like Graeme McDowell, and Darren Clarke as well as numerous amateur numerous Walker Cup and Curtis Cup players and a number of juniors.

The package itself covers extensive ground, from the basics of golf psychology to building an effective pre game mental preparation routine to ’emergency’ techniques that can be used to help calm shot specific jitters.

Is Mind Factor Coach Worth the Investment?

There are very few golfers at any level who would question the wisdom that the mental side of the game of golf is as much a performance factor as the physical is but it is only more recently that the likes of coaches like Karl Morris have been ‘accepted’ by the mainstream in amateur golfing. Previously hiring a ‘mental coach’ was considered the domain of well paid professionals only.

Hiring a ‘mental coach’ still isn’t cheap and for the most part out of the reach financially for the kind of ‘mid handicapper’ golfer that these trainings are really aimed at. The most extensive of the Mind Factor Packages, Players Programme Deluxe, isn’t the cheapest option out there either at $247 (or three payments of $97) but it may be one of the most extensive in terms of the sheer volume of the material provided.

Much of the material is very useful, most especially the mental exercises that are clear and very easy to practice, lacking a lot of the ‘waffle’ that can be distracting about some similar products. For the golfer who is serious about improving their overall game – as in reducing a handicap significantly, the Players Programme Deluxe may indeed be a worthwhile investment. For those who don’t wish to make such a large investment one of the less expensive courses may still be worth a look, especially the $37 ‘Mind Traps’ audio course that does offer some solid tips for overcoming the mental barriers to a good golf game that many players are undoubtedly affected by.

To learn more or to purchase a Mind Factor product follow this link : http://www.golf-brain-online.com