Amid all of the talk about improving one's swing, the length of one's drive and the importance of overall physical and mental conditioning the one aspect of a golfer's game that tends to get overlooked is their putting game. And yet around 40% of the shots any golfer makes during a round will be on the putting surface.

The Reality of Putting, by Geoff Mangum is an ebook and video system designed to address this problem and give golfers a solid strategy for improving their putting performances and therefore their overall game.

What The Reality of Putting Offers

Even the big name pros tend to discuss their putting game far less than their long game but that is often because that is simply not what they are asked about. As many a tournament has been won – or lost – on the putting green they are aware of the importance of practicing their technique. And this book aims to teach the average golfer to do the same.

Geoff Mangum is a PGA certified putting coach who has worked with males, females and juniors at all levels, including Australian pro Steve Elkington. The Reality of Putting is primarily a series of video lessons with an accompanying set of ebooks to complement the video content.

Is The Reality of Putting Worth the Investment?

As mentioned this is primarily a video learning system divided into ten very specific ‘chapters' that feature both Mangum and Elkington, who began working with Geoff in 2009 and has done so ever since. Each lesson builds upon the last one and covers everything from choosing the right putter (both at the store and on the greens) to reading the green more accurately to overcoming the nerves that accompany a high pressure putting situation.

One of the interesting things about watching through the videos is how much can be learned by studying how the atmospheric conditions, as well as the state of the greens , can affect any given shot and there are some very useful tips on offer about how to compensate for less than perfect conditions. Everything is very well explained and Mangum and Elkington make for an entertaining duo to watch so the lessons are never dry or boring.

The Reality of Putting is by no means the most comprehensive putting improvement system out there, but as an introduction to the concept of even thinking more about the putting side of the game in general it's a great tool. The system costs $35 and includes access to new videos as they are created, as well as to a members only blog that is updated on a fairly regular basis.

Is this an investment worth making? Considering that many golfers pay three or four times the cost of The Reality of Putting for a new putter in the hope of improving their game then unless you have a stellar putting game already then the answer may very well be yes.

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