Nothing but golf for two weeks away from home? Every golfer's dream! If this is your first golf trip, we can imagine how excited you are.


There are a few things about packing you need to know to make your trip every bit as problem-free and pleasurable as it should be. Here goes!

First, a Checklist

Make sure that you're ready to hit the course the moment you arrive at your going holiday destination. This means having a fully kitted out golf bag:

  • Golf clubs (Obviously!)
  • Balls and tees (We recommend you treat yourself to one new ball per day, plus two or three extra, just in case.)
  • Golf glove (Plus one spare)
  • Golf socks (One pair for each planned game, plus a couple spare)
  • Extra pair of golf shoes (There's nothing worse than having to wear wet shoes!)
  • Clean towel for cleaning your ball
  • Coordinated outfits for the course (check dress codes before you pack)
  • Light layers for cooler weather
  • Sunscreen, sunglasses and golf cap
  • Water bottle
  • Miniature first aid pouch with headache tablets and plasters and cream for insect bites

Choosing the Right Bag for Your First Golf Trip

Yes, we know. You have your favorite golf bag already. But if you're traveling, you need a good quality bag that can withstand the rigors of air and road travel and give adequate protection to your clubs.

And whilst we're on the subject of your clubs, do yourself a favor and check that all your clubs are in fact in your bag. You don't want to have a miserable golfing holiday because your trusty five wood is not in your bag, do you?

You will need to decide between a soft or a hard case bag. Hard case bags offer more protection and are ideal for long-haul flights, but you might find them too heavy.

Check the regulations of your airline regarding golf clubs. They vary from airline to airline. These regulations might have a bearing on the type of traveling golf bag you choose.

Your golf towel and light layers can be wrapped around your club heads to give that extra cushioning during your flight, as a space-saver too.

In any case, make sure that your golf clubs are well protected, and that your golf bag is lockable and tamper-proof.

Off-Course Considerations and Waiting Around

It's wise to make sure that you have at least one suitable outfit (and appropriate shoes!) for evening wear. Depending on the length of your trip, you might choose a mix-and-match combination, with a different shirt, for example. You don't want to be known as “the guy with the red jacket”.

There's a lot of waiting around at airports. Take a decent smartphone with you and a charger, so that you can while away the hours playing the latest craze in online casino games, the Secrets of the Phoenix. You'll have hours of fun, we promise.

Last Tips

One last thing: label your luggage. All of it. We hope your first golf trip ends up being the holiday of your dreams. If you've packed properly, it probably will be!

Remember your phone charger and take lots of photos. As they say, “photos please, or it didn't happen.” Bon voyage!