There is nothing wrong with instilling a love of golf from an early age (especially perhaps if you are hoping to raise the next Tiger Woods or Michelle Wie) and apart from signing the kiddies up for junior golf as soon as they are old enough you can take advantage of the fact that even toddlers seem to be able to master a smartphone quickly (often these days before they can really read properly it seems) by introducing them to one of these fun to play golf game apps that you should find rather enjoyable as well.

Super Stickman Golf 2

iPhone, iPad, Android 

0.99 iOS, Free Android

Super stickman 1

SS 2


The sequel to the wildly popular all ages original, Super Stickman Golf 2 really is better than its predecessor. With no rules to speak of, and just nine holes to navigate this is a game that is easy enough for a toddler to understand but fun enough for an adult to enjoy. Everyone will have fun customizing their golfer and with 52 courses included as standard there is plenty to keep even the most avid gamer occupied for quite some time.



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Flick Golf 


iPhone, iPad, Android

0.99 iOS, 1.99 Android 


Another easy to master game all you need to do is flick the ball into play, there aren't even any controls to master. What there are though are plenty of challenging obstacles in your path, including sandtraps, trees and even the weather plays a factor. It helps if you are a fan of physics games as the real key to success is not when you flick but where, it's essentially Angry Birds for golfers but with rather better graphics and no annoying squawking.



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Mini Golf Matchup 

iPhone, iPad and Android 



screen568x568 (1)

There are more than a few mini golf apps out there that are designed to appeal to kids, but this one stands out in that it is a rare app that can appeal to everyone. Bright and colorful graphics and rather addicting music are part of its appeal, but so is the fact that you can go head to head with opponents online, either those you are matched with by age and ability by the app or those you choose.



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Golf Island
iPhone and iPad

Gary golf 1

Gary golf 2

This is a rather intriguing adventure game with a twist as rather than playing the ball you are the ball. Gary the golfball to be exact and it's your job to navigate around the island golf course that he has got himself lost on. Gary faces the normal obstacles he might on a golf course as well as a number of added complications in the form of wild animals, golfers etc.

This is a visually rather stunning game best played on the iPad and rather engaging to boot, both for kids and adults alike and as the story changes according to the paths you choose it's one that can keep players engaged for quite a while.



Par Out Golf
iPhone, iPad 

par 2


par 3

Par Out Golf is more of a puzzle challenge than anything else but it's certainly as fun as it is challenging. The idea is that players ‘draw' their shots, much like drawing the way out of a maze, avoiding all kinds of obstacles while also taking the shortest possible path and the fewest number of strokes.

With gorgeous graphics and a very easy to use interface, as well as difficulty levels that range from very easy (for the youngest players) to professional (which is challenging even for a grown up) this golf game gives you a lot of bang for your buck and of all the games reviewed here it is probably the most addicting.