We know that you love golf – you wouldn’t be on this website if you didn’t! For many of us, golf is the one hobby that takes up more time in our lives than any other. We might work hard, and we enjoy the time that we spend with our families and friends, but we’re always thinking about when we can get back out on the course and start hitting balls around again. Unless you’re professional, though, you can’t play golf all the time, and that means you might have other hobbies. Playing slots UK might be one of them. 

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Slots have come a very long way since they were games contained in cabinets in bars, pubs, and bingo halls. You might not be aware of it, but online casinos and online slots belong to an industry that’s now worth billions of dollars every year. The hobby becomes more and more popular all the time – more popular, in fact, than some people are comfortable with – but so long as you have a healthy relationship with gambling, there's nothing wrong with enjoying the thrills that it can offer you. 

One of the perks of the modern age of online slots is that they come with a variety of different themes and styles – and that includes golf. Golf has been used as the inspiration for a number of online slots, some of which are better than others. Here, we’re going to take a quick look at five of the very best golf-themed games that are available at online slots today!

Golden Tour – IGT

We’ll start with an online slots game made by one of the largest and most respected companies in the business – International Game Technology. This game, ‘Golden Tour,' is one of their vintage collection, having been released in 2013. It comes with five reels, contains five fixed paylines, and offers players a ‘Return To Player' rate of an extremely generous 97.7%. ‘Golden Tour' takes a cartoonish approach to its visual style, but it's a pleasant enough game to look at and an easy one to follow. It's also a little more playful than some of the other golf-focused online slots you might play – some of the higher-value symbols in the game include a dish, a duck, and even a gopher! Land any three of the animal symbols on the same spin, and you get to play a great side game in which you can select a driver, iron, and putter of your choice and then use them as a combination to shoot for the hole. There are big prizes available if you can pull it off!

Hole In Won: The Back Nine Slots – Rival Gaming

Featuring a title that contains not one but two clever plays on words, ‘Hole In Won: The Back Nine Slots' is another golf-themed online slots game with a focus on fun, and makes the progressive choice to focus on a female golfer. There are five reels to play with, but this time there are a whole fifteen paylines – although the RTP rate is a little lower than ‘Golden Tour' at 94.62%. Although the female golfer character is the most visible, if you're able to land three of the red-capped male golfer symbols at the same time, you'll get to play one of the game's nine holes as a side game, which makes for an entertaining break from the constant spinning. The side games work like most golf video games do – choose a direction and power level for your swing, and reach the hole with as few strokes as possible. If you stay under par, you can move on to the next hole – and you'll win more money in the process. 

Gold Trophy 2 – Play N Go

As the name suggests, ‘Gold Trophy 2' is the sequel to an earlier Play N Go online slots game. Unlike movies or regular video games, where the quality of the original is often better than the sequel, you can generally expect more out of the sequel to an online slots game than you'll get from the original, so we'll focus our attention on this 2014 release rather than the game that came before it. It's a five-reel game with twenty fixed paylines and a reasonably generous RTP of 96.88%. As is the case with all golf tournaments, your objective during the game is to land the winner's cheque. Land three or more of them at the same time, and your reward will be a round of free spins, where you can add to your prize without paying for the privilege! It doesn't have a golf-themed side game like the other titles we've looked at so far, but simplicity isn't always a bad thing. 

Golf Championship – Tom Horn Gaming

The cartoonish style of the last three golf-themed online slots we looked at is abandoned for ‘Golf Championship' by Tom Horn Gaming, which does its best to look a little more like the real thing. This game comes with the standard five reels but has an irregular number of nine paylines, and an RTP of 95.98%. Every time a ‘golden trophy' symbol appears on the reels of this game, it substitutes for any other symbol and also doubles the value of any winning lines it becomes part of. That's a neat trick! The free spins feature in this game, triggered by landing three scatter symbols, is especially generous. You get a small cash prize just for triggering it, and then for the duration of the fifteen free spins that follow, any winning combinations you're lucky enough to make are worth three times what they would otherwise be in the base game. 

The Argyle Open – Microgaming

Microgaming is one of the oldest online slots developers in the business, and they can usually be trusted to put out great games. They certainly didn't disappoint golfing fans when they came up with ‘the Argyle Open,' a fictional course and tournament that seems to share a lot of visual traits with the famous St. Andrews course in the UK. ‘The Argyle Open' has five reels, a whole forty paylines, and an RTP of 96.42%. We're going to go out on a limb and say that it also includes the best golf side game of all five of the slots we've looked at. It's a three-stage game. First, you must hit the longest drive you possibly can. For your second stroke, you need to use your judgment to shoot a ball over a lake without falling in. If you can navigate that, it's time to chip the ball into the hole, or as close as you can get it. The further through the three stages you get, the more money you'll win. It's so much fun you'll sometimes forget you're playing an online slots game at all!

All five of these games are worth a look if you’re into online slots, and you might have your own favorite among the three. You might even find another golf-themed online slots game that we haven’t even mentioned. That’s part of the joy of playing online slots – there are so many of them out there that you’ll never get bored!