With the summer here you are probably looking forward to getting back out on the course and enjoying a few rounds of golf.

Five Ways to Improve Your Golf this Summer

But if there is one thing that ever golfer has in common, it’s that they would love to improve. Lowering your handicap might feel like something that is a long way, but any golfer can up there game with a little practice and dedication. So here are five great ways you can improve your golf this summer.

Five Ways to Improve Your Golf this Summer

Take advantage of the range

There’s no doubt that spending time at the range is one of the most crucial to improving your game. And the summer is the perfect time to do it – whenever you get a day that’s warm and sunny, make the most of it with a trip to your local range. Putting in the effort in practice will reap rewards when you actually come to play your rounds. You can work on the consistency of your swing and develop your drive.

Work on the physical side of your game

Staying in good shape and maintaining a high level of physical fitness is important for playing your best golf. Just as with any sport, there are advantages to having better levels of physical strength and stamina, so now is the time to start taking your fitness regime seriously.

You don’t need to be on any sort of drastic crash diet, nor do you need to be spending hours every day in the gym, but a concerted effort to improve your fitness will lead to you seeing results out on the course. Of course, any strengthening work you do should go hand in hand with general golfing practice, as if you were to overdevelop muscles you could find yourself in a position.

Develop your short game

Be honest with yourself – how often do you take the time to actually practice putting? Many golfers will spend hours at the range or trialling different ways of making tricky shots, but just assume that putting is easier and doesn’t require the same levels of dedication. But perfecting your putting technique can actually be a fantastic way to lower your handicap. Too many golfers fall at the last hurdle and make simple (but correctable) mistakes.

Practicing putting can be as simple as buying a putting mat that you can use at home. Many golf courses also have putting practice areas that you can make use of.

Add flexibility

One of the most underrated ways to improve your golf game is to improve your own flexibility. We discussed above some of the benefits of having a stronger core for a more consistent and reliable game, and improving your flexibility provides you with some of the same improvements. Having a broader range of movement available means that you can better utilize physical strength to affect your performance more effectively.

You may never have considered going to a yoga class before but it can be a truly fantastic way to work on your flexibility. Do some research into local beginner’s yoga groups– typically you will drop in sessions that people with any level of experience can join. Alternatively, there are instructional videos online that you can use in order to practice every day.

Experiment with different courses

It often the case that golfers will spend plenty of time at their local course practicing and playing rounds, but they never see any improvements to their handicap. This can extremely frustrating and may lead you to believe that your golfing ability has peaked. However, there are often good reasons that you are not getting any better.

One common reason that golfers fail to improve despite putting in the time and effort is that they are not interested in challenging themselves. Do you always play golf on the same course? This can lead to you getting used to a certain way of playing each hole, and never needing to work on specific aspects of your game.

If this is true for you then it is definitely recommended that you should try out a few different local golf courses this summer. New courses can open your eyes to the weaknesses in your game.

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Five Ways to Improve Your Golf Swing