The Spring Brook Country Club Manager, David Bachman, from Morristown, New Jersey, appeared on FOX & Friends on March 31st, 2020 to discuss how his country club founded a new charitable organization, Clubs HELP and is connecting its members with their local hospitals to provide supplies. After Bachman's appearance on FOX & Friends, over 60 clubs signed up to join his effort.

The segment even caught the eye of Rob Goulet, who is World Golf Hall of Fame's Ernie Els’ manager, who encouraged Ernie Els to join in on the effort. Now, over 100 golf clubs have now partnered with local hospitals to support them during this coronavirus pandemic. Ernie Els then joined FOX & Friends to discuss the initiative and is encouraging clubs across the country to join in the efforts of Clubs HELP.

Clubs HELP is now encouraging clubs and members to connect with local hospitals to provide support during this Covid-19 pandemic. How it works: clubs adopt a local hospital, and members, companies and individual donors work together to gather, collect and deliver the needed critical items and resources. Hospitals all around the world are in need of supplies, such as:

  • Basic Food Items: Bottled water, electrolyte drinks, hot meals, and wrapped sandwiches.
  • Miscellaneous Supplies: Paper lunch bags, zip lock bags, UV lights for sterilization, moisture wick tee-shirts to wear under PPE gear.
  • Delivery Services: Drop off and pick up items from club kitchens, club members’ restaurants, businesses, homes, and so forth.
  • Other Resources: Anything that a club member may be able to offer (vehicles, personnel, manufacturing capability, etc.) can be considered and discussed with club management and the local hospitals.

If you can help, please contact your local club about starting your own Clubs HELP chapter.