Garden Golf Practice Green

For the majority of golfers, garden golf practice is untapped or under-used resource. I fit into the under-used category and went to find some inspiration for turning my garden into the perfect environment to practice more, work through golf practice drills and put in the groundwork for a lower handicap. I found some exciting examples of how gardens of all shapes and sizes can be used as a personal golf academy and with a little equipment or imagination mine (and yours) can be too.

Garden Golf Practice Equipment

The humble garden is a great place to practice all aspects of the game including driving, chipping, bunker shots and putting. The minimal golf practice equipment required can include:

  • Driving golf practice nets
  • Chipping golf practice nets
  • Golf Flags
  • Chipping targets
  • A lot of sand, a shovel and some hard work

Much of which can be found by re-purposing existing garden equipment. In fact, the most difficult step in creating your golfers garden completed is getting marital or parental consent.

The Garden Golf Green

Let’s start with the most challenging option; turning your garden into a putting green. First, you’ll need a garden with thick, even grass. Second, you’ll need some undulations, putting practice without contours will soon become very tiresome. Third, you’ll need a lawnmower and patience to hone your skills to become an amateur greenkeeper. Here’s some inspiration to help you make it happen.



A Homemade Bunker

Perhaps the second most difficult golf garden feature is a bunker. A little caveat here, if you have a small garden you might want to combine your bunker with chipping net. If you normally take a lot of sand and accidentally hit a really clean shot, you could find your relationship with your neighbours quickly deteriorating. Warnings aside, this is an example of what can be achieved with a shovel, a spade and a lot of sand.

Homemade garden bunker

Garden Pitching Practice

The easiest way to practice chipping in the garden to use a chipping map and net. However, it doesn’t help with improving your feel for distances, which is the hardest part and requires the most practice. If you have the space a flag or two a excellent targets for short chips, slightly longer and try chipping into a bucket and for expansive gardens a large target, like a wheelbarrow for example.

Garden chipping practice with a flag

Garden chipping practice with a flag

Garden chipping practice with a bucket as a target

Garden chipping practice with a bucket as a target

Garden chipping practice with wheelbarrows as a target

Garden chipping practice with wheelbarrows as a target

Garden Driving & Iron Practice

Unless your garden is more than a 100 yards long (or wide) practice with irons isn’t possible and if you have a garden where you can practice driving, lucky you, you have a wonderful privilege. Here are some examples of golf nets used for gardens of different sizes.

Golf chipping net in a garden

golf driving net in a garden

golf driving net in a small garden using a path as a tee block

Hope that's enough inspiration for you to get going on your back garden golfing paradise. If you have a home golf practice set up you'd like to share. Get in touch with Golf & Course via Facebook or Twitter. Happy Golfing!