Desert Golfing
Developed by Justin Smith
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android


Some people have called it the thinking golfer's Angry Birds while others have called it the ‘most Zen of golfing games'. And some people have committed near device homicide in frustration over it. So just what is it about a simple 2D golfing physics game with minimalist graphics and barely any audio that makes it as popular – and addictive – as it has become?

Desert Golfing Basics

Desert Golfing is a throwback to the early, early days of video games in that it boasts very basic, monochrome graphics and not so much as a soundtrack, just a series of sometimes annoying noises to represent the striking of, and movement, of a golf ball. Playing through the game seems almost insultingly simple at first as well. All you are required to do is tap the screen, drag back to set the angle and speed of your shot, let go and watch the little pixelated ball go flying towards its target. Once you have conquered the hole the game moves you on to the next one.

Desert Golfing in Action


If Desert Golfing really was as simple as it appears to be it would hardly be as popular as it is, but obviously that is not the case. As players quickly discover the physics are very, very precise and getting the ball to, and then into, the hole is far more difficult than it appears to be. With each mistake being counted as a shot. And there is no reset and no going back to try a hole again unless you reset the whole game back to the beginning, so if you take 100 shots to make a single hole that is how your score will have to stay.

This really is the most challenging – and addictive – element of the game. This is no 18 hole wonder, it literally goes on, and on, and on, for thousands of holes and through miles and miles of virtual course. You are not even given access to the Game Center to display scores or earn trophies until you have conquered 80 holes and once you have reached that important milestone going back over a bad hole would be almost unthinkable.

To make matters worse the topography of the course is the one thing that does change constantly and so just when you think you might have your angles and speed all figured out your theories are all blown away. To top it off no one really knows if, and when, the game finally ends. Creator Smith has always refused to say and the keenest of the keen players are up into the 5,000+ hole range and still going.

All in all this simple game is one of the ultimate ‘just one more..' challenge games on any system and for just 1.99 you certainly get your money's worth and much more.

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