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Even to the casual ‘weekend warrior' golfer their handicap is an important number. It can be a great source of pride to share a good one out on the course and an improving handicap signals an improving game, even if the current figure isn't exactly something to shout about.

One of the difficulties some golfers have faced in the past is actually getting – and then tracking and adjusting – a handicap that they – and other golfers – can trust. A USGA Handicap Index is such a number , and you'll need one of those to enter any serious competition, but in the past getting one has not always been easy or cheap. Enter the Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker to change all of that.

Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker Basics

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Anyone can calculate their handicap themselves on the back of a napkin from the clubhouse. It's a bit of simple math that the formula for which can be found on innumerable golf websites. But that really doesn't count for much in most people's eyes. In order to impress you need to have the same kind of handicap figure that the big boys (and girls) have; an officially calculated USGA Handicap Index.

Only golf clubs that are specially licensed to do so can issue such things and that is certainly not something that all clubs are. And some golfers don't even belong to a set club anyway. Diablo Golf can provide you with an officially calculated USGA Handicap Index though and you don't have to go anywhere to get it. Making use of their extensive network of USGA-conforming golf clubs Diablo Golf members can, after playing the requisite five establishing rounds , be issued a real handicap score via the app and where the company used to charge $14.99 for the privilege they now offer it free.

Once a golfer has their initial handicap index in place anything and everything associated with it can be tracked via the app. Scores can be input and updated on the fly (and even posted to Facebook if that's your style) and there is GPS tracking available for over 18,000 courses.

Diablo Golf Handicap Tracker in Action

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There is definitely something to be said for having ‘proper' handicap if you haven't before, even if all one really intends to do with it is show off a little if it's at a respectable level. Obviously in order to get that initial handicap, as previously mentioned you do, as per USGA rules, play through, and enter scores from, a minimum of five rounds . As the app itself is rather simple to use though this is not hard (well the score tracking bit, the actually play may be..)

Everything about the subsequent handicap tracking is fairly straightforward and you can add an extra element of competition between golfing partners if everyone has the app and become ‘friends', as that will allow you all to keep track of one another's progress at a glance.

The GPS function side of the app is OK, it's a little limited as it only displays 18,000 courses and they are all in the US only. So you will probably want to still rely on a separate, more comprehensive app for that. However the main purpose of this one is to track your handicap and in all honesty it is probably the very best option available to smartphone users for doing so.

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