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iPhone,iPad and Apple Watch Devices

Most golf games progress without much of a hitch. Everyone plays through, someone wins and then it's off to the nineteenth hole for everyone. Occasionally though an on course conundrum calls for a review of the rules – often the little known, picky ones – to solve an in play issue.

While there may be a big rule book back at the clubhouse this app offers an engaging, interactive way to solve rules issues on the go, nip possible arguments in the bud and allow everyone to get back to the game. But can it really be that easy, given just how many rules there are?

Expert Golf Golf Rules Quick Reference Basics

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If you are expecting a sort of e book loaded onto your iDevice, with page after page of text based rules, Wikipedia style, then you are in for a pleasant surprise. Each rule and each situation is presented as a bright, clear and colorful 3D graphic, many of them animated, that shows as well as tells in a clear and concise manner.

Searching the interface for the exact information you are looking for is fairly straightforward as well. Simply inputting a question should lead you in the right direction and according to the developers no answer should be more than three clicks away. There is also even a tool that helps you determine whether or not you are entitled to relief in any given situation.

The rules themselves are based on those included in “Golf Rules Quick Reference”, a multi-award winning international bestseller endorsed by the PGA. Should rules change the app is updated free of charge to help ensure you are always up to date.

Expert Golf Golf Rules Quick Reference in Action

Having the rules covered in a single app loaded into your phone is certainly convenient and the Expert Golf Golf Rules Quick Reference is indeed easy to navigate. It may take more than three clicks to find just what you are looking for but in test situations we still found that most answers were only a minute or so away.

The most efficient use of the app however is via the relief tool. This cuts down on search time, gives the answer you need and also the ‘proof' that will ensure that everyone is on the same page about what should happen next, hopefully negating lengthy discussions and allowing play to resume quickly.

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The price point may seem rather high for an app but given how comprehensive it is for regular players it may very well be money excellently spent and certainly handier than trying to lug that big ol' rule book around in your golf bag.

Download Expert Golf Golf Rules Quick Reference for your device via the link below.