Golf App Review – Golf Course Finder

Golf Course Finder™ on the App Store on iTunesGolf Course Finder
Developed by William Modesitt
iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch iOS 7.0+

Golfers like to golf. It really does not matter where they are, if there is a course an avid golfer is likely to want to play it given the chance. The question often is when travelling in lesser known territory; is there a course and is it any good? For golfers in the US the Golf Course Finder app is designed to answer those queries and more within a single interface, cutting down on research and Googling time. Sounds great, but how does it work in reality? We spent a little time with it to find out.

Golf Course Finder Basics

Golf Course Finder is preloaded with information about more than 16,300 golf courses across the United States, from the big world class greens to little municipal courses in the remotest of backwaters. But address and map information is far from all that is provided for each location.

In essence Golf Course Finder is designed to be a mini search engine of sorts as it also provides a great deal of other information pulled from the web that relates to the course, including any YouTube or Vimeo videos, Yelp! and TripAdvisor reviews that might exist, websites the course may have, Flickr photos and ‘streetviews’ from Google Maps as well as, if you want them, turn by turn driving directions without having to leave the app.

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Golf Course Finder in Action

Put into action, Golf Course Finder did indeed do all that it promised, providing a wealth of information quickly. Obviously how much information depends upon the golf course, although it was rather surprising just how much could be found even for small venues.

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Where this app would really come in handy is when one is faced with a choice of courses to play. It allows side by side comparisons in a number of areas, right down to course conditions, current temperatures and weather forecasts and although all of this information is out there anyway it is very handy to have it all gathered together for you.

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Navigating the app is rather easy too, even when a great deal of information is presented. You can filter out information you don’t need – maybe you are only interested in the Yelp! reviews and course photos for example – so that you are not overwhelmed with stuff you don’t need. And should you want to if you do choose to head to the course you can upload your own images directly into the app’s database to assist other golfers in the future. All in all a handy little app to have and certainly 0.99 fairly well spent.

Download Golf Course Finder by following the link below.