Golfplan with Paul Azinger
Developed by Shotzoom Software
iPhone, iPad and Android

Imagine if you could stride onto the course next week and tell your golfing buddies that you've started taking lessons from Paul Azinger. As in 29 year PGA pro and former Ryder Cup captain Paul Azinger. It's a safe bet that they would be suitably impressed. Well, in a way you can, by downloading Shotzoom Software's Golfplan with Paul Azinger, an interactive teaching app filled with lessons taught by the man himself.

Golfplan with Paul Azinger Basics

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In essence Golfplan with Paul Azinger is a teaching and analysis tool that is best utilized with Shotzoom's other bestselling app, Golfshot. Golfshot is a great app for keeping track of your scores and performance and you can import all of those stats directly into Golfplan for analysis. Alternately you can take them from whatever scorekeeping app you do use and input them manually.

Armed with your personal performance data the Golfplan algorithms analyze it all to get ‘an idea' of just where your game is at. From there it will offer specific tips, drills and video lessons featuring Azinger that address the areas that seem to be letting your game down most. It will even let you know if a certain club in your bag is a potential problem and suggest a more suitable replacement. A daily lesson plan can also be put together that you are then free to follow at your leisure.

Golfplan with Paul Azinger in Action

First of all it has to be said that this app truly functions best if you are a Golfshot user as the data transfer is then completely seamless and automatically ongoing. If there is a different app you prefer you don't have to switch to take advantage of what Golfplan with Paul Azinger has to offer, it just takes a little more effort on your part.

And the app does have plenty to offer. The tips it offers are concise, uncomplicated and easy to follow. The video lessons are just as clear and Azinger's personal teaching style is clear and engaging. He also offers tips you have possibly never heard, or at least tried to put into action before, such as using your shadow to your advantage during game play.

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In conclusion, if you are willing to put in the work involved in ensuring that stats are kept up to date then this app can be very useful to the state of your game. Does it replace a professional, real life coach? No, but for many golfers such things are not in the budget so for them it's not a bad substitute.

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