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Available for: iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android


In an ideal world as an avid golfer you could hit the links every day. And while a handful, those who live in just the right climate, can indeed do almost that, for most of us pesky snow, ice and rain get in the way and there are plenty of days when getting out to golf just isn't on the cards.

Golfstar, an app which proclaims itself to be ‘the greatest golf game you’ll ever play' is a game designed for those days. With its realistic graphics, which do actually seem to improve with every update, and its plethora of challenges, Golfstar does indeed seem to offer a lot. But does its play live up to all of its claims?

Golfstar Basics

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The gameplay in Golfstar is, of course, physics based and a swing of the club is a hold and release maneuverer, but the difference here is that the pressure you use (as in how how you press your finger down) really can alter your shot as well, a sort of swing adjustment if you like.

The place to get started is the one player career mode. This offers four skills levels – Beginner, Junior, Amateur, and Semi-Professional – and in addition to playing your way around a virtual 18 hole course you are also presented with additional challenges that will add to your ‘prize winnings' that can later be spent in the ‘golf store'.

In order to make it as realistic as possible the game's developers say that within the physics based movements they have accounted not just for wind but also terrain height, ball impact angle, wind, temperature, humidity and more and there are a number of stats relating to this displayed in the right hand corner of the screen before you play any hole.

In addition to the single player Career Mode there is also a two player Friend Challenge' and a weekly online tournament in which players can win both bragging rights and additional currency for the golf store.

Golfstar in Action

Golf Star™ - Android Apps on Google Play

There are some games that just kind of grab your attention with their visuals right away and this is one such game. While not quite console quality they are close and certainly very impressive. The trees move in the breeze, the sand flies up out of the bunkers, the water ripples and splashes and even the golfer's clothes are wrinkled the right way.

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In terms of gameplay there is nothing groundbreaking, it's a game of virtual golf, but it's a good game of virtual golf and that is really all that counts. The in game challenges add a little extra interest and the mechanics of the game are far smoother than you would expect from a mobile game and the number of different items that can be purchased in the store is impressive.

All in all this a great game to play if you just want to play virtual golf without being interuputed by cutesy characters or weird looking course features. The only real downside for some may be its size. Because the graphics are so good it's a big app to download and will gobble up quite a bit of your device's storage capacity.

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