Golf App Review: Hole19 – Golf GPS, Scorecard, Rangefinder and Yardage

There are an ever-growing number of apps out there for golfers to load their smartphones up with before the hit the green. Some are more useful than others of course though and possibly one of the most useful of all the golf app choices is a golf range finder app.

Smartphones and range finders were almost built for one another as a good range finder will make use of all of your mobile’s cleverest features; its GPS, its camera, its graphics capabilities and its data storage functionality. A good app is also an adequate, and not so clunky to carry, alternative to those dedicated golf GPS units that will set you back at least $200.

And in fact, as we have discovered, if you are an iPhone owner, you don’t even need to pay a penny for a perfectly functional, high performing golf range finder app, as the free Hole19 Free Golf GPS Rangefinder can do what its more expensive peers can and more.

Hole19 App Basics


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The most important elements of the app are its flyover and distance screens. The flyover displays an aerial view of the hole to be played with the distance to the pin displayed prominently at the top of screen. If there is an obstacle on the hole, a sand trap or a water hazard for example, you can tap on the screen to discover the distance they are both from the pin and from you.

In the distance screen you are offered a menu that details numerical data for the readings to the front, center, and the back of the green and you can, if you choose, set a starting point so that you can measure shot distance in the most accurate way possible.

In terms of stats Hole19 can keep track of a lot of them. When you first download the app you will be asked to create a player profile and once that is done it is there you will head for an overview of everything you have achieved on the day, or at a single hole, at a glance. Signing up for Hole19’s free ‘online clubhouse’ allows you to store all of your stats online to be accessed from anywhere. There’s even a virtual scorecard to use if you want to.

Hole19 in Action

There is no big learning curve to worry about when using Hole19 for the first time and the navigation is clear and relatively simple. It also boasts more than 29,000 courses in its database, so finding even a smaller local course is not at all difficult and all of the course information is provided to you free, unlike some other freemium apps that will set these smaller courses as an in app purchase.

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All in all Hole19 is more than adequate for use by the average golfer and so you can keep the $5-10 the pricier range finders cost and so you can save that cash to be put towards something else, even if it is just your first drink at the real 19th hole.

You can download the Hole19 – Golf GPS, Scorecard, Rangefinder & Yardage App here. It’s compatible with iPhone 4s and up running at least iOS7 and is one of the apps that will be available from release day for the much buzzed about Apple Watch.