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So, all of a sudden you have an afternoon off you didn't expect, or that predicted rainstorm that you thought would keep you off the course never arrived and there are still a few hours before sundown to kill. A round of golf is probably called for, but where are you going to book a tee time at this late stage and just how much would it cost you?

Last Minute Golfer is an app/service designed to help in these situations, finding you those last minute tee times while also saving you a ton of cash. Or at least that's the idea..

Last Minute Golfer Basics

Essentially Last Minute Golfer strives to be the Priceline of golf. Input the zip code of the general area in which you want to play and you will presented with any and all of the options available with a set radius (you can choose from between 5 and 50 miles) complete with pricing, for the next 48 hours. The app currently serves the U.S., Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Mexico and Bermuda. You can then book the tee time of your choice directly via the app, choosing to pay with a major credit card or via PayPal.

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Last Minute Golfer in Action

In theory this all sounds like a great idea, but how does it actually work out in real life? In order to test the app we chose locations that were a little off the beaten track, to test out just how many of the smaller clubs and courses the app covered. And the results were rather impressive, as we were offered tee times at pretty much every course in the area, which was something of a surprise. Each listing includes Google Maps generated aerial views of the course, the basic club rules regarding attire etc. and, if you need them, turn by turn driving directions from within the app itself.

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Not all of the offerings represented much of a discount – $10-$15 was the average – but that in itself is not to be sneezed at and, just as is the case at those Priceline type sites for hotels and air travel the closer it got to the available tee time the lower the price went. So, if you are willing to sit in the car and book at the latest possible time you can and still make it to the green on time then you really can save.

Navigating the app itself is easy and the check out system is relatively efficient. It's worth noting that the fees paid are to GolfNow, not to the clubs directly so groundstaff at the chosen location won't be able to help if you have an issue with payment.

All in all this is a handy little app for the frequent golfer to at least try out and as it is expanding its offerings all the time will hopefully only get better in the future.

To download the Last Minute Golfer app follow the appropriate link below.



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