Nike Golf 360
Developed by Nike Inc.
iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Apple Watch, Android


Nike and Golf go hand in hand these days, and so the fact that they offer a very popular multi function golf app is no big surprise. And Nike Golf 360 really does offer a little bit of everything. And it's free, so why would you not add it to your device? On the face of it why not indeed, but is it really worth the memory space or is it just another glossy ad in disguise?

Nike Golf 360 Basics

The Nike Golf 360 app is a hybrid of several different apps in one; part scorecard, part stat tracker and part swing and golf fitness trainer it crams – or seems to cram – a lot of content into a single app.

For the scorecard component of the app several hundred courses are preloaded into the app with the ability to create a custom scorecard for those that are not. You can build into these scorecards a number of trackable stats for up to four players at a time. At the same time the built in video function allows you to record your swing for later analysis within the app (more about that later.) Finally there is a video library of both on course playing tips and golf fitness workout and exercise routines.

Nike Golf 360 in Action


Taking Nike Golf 360 piece by piece it definitely has its strengths but it also has its weaknesses. The scorecard function, for example, is easy to use and more than adequate for a casual game. The number of built in courses however is rather limited to compared to the best of the dedicated score card apps that are available and so for many golfers taking the extra time to create a custom scorecard will be a must. And while the ability to share scores – and/or in game selfies – to Facebook and Twitter will appeal to many it really does not make up for the lack of a good GPS.

Filming your golf swing from a mobile device is not always very easy, whatever app you use as you have to set it up in just the right place ( a camera caddie always help, or a decent clip for the flag is a reasonable alternative) If you can set something up though being able to watch your own swing in slow motion, and even backwards if you like, is always helpful and it's something even the most experienced of the pros do on a regular basis.

The golf swings available for you to compare your own to are perhaps those you might expect; Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, Paul Casey, Michelle Wie, all of the Nike sponsored golfers. The comparison function is rather neat though and while it won't turn you into a Tiger (we don't think anyway) it is a useful basic coaching tool.

Perhaps the most useful aspect of the Nike Golf 360 app though is the video resource library. None of the information or tips are particularly groundbreaking but some of the exercise shorts are great to have and the tip videos are nice to have handy on the go.

All in all although it is pretty heavy on the Nike branding this is not a bad app to keep in your library, although you might want to use a slightly more sophisticated one for score keeping purposes.

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