Golf App Review – THINQ Golf

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If you have ever seen or heard of and its range of brain training games and puzzles then THINQ Golf will look rather familiar to you. It’s a suite of brain training exercises designed specifically with the golfer in mind.

The team behind THINQ Golf has some pretty solid experience in the game; Class A PGA Golf Pro Tim Suzor, sports psychologist and LPGA Master Instructor Dr. Debbie Crews and therapist/speaker/author Dr. Joe Dispenza teamed up to create the games and these are no quacks. But what exactly does THINQ Golf consist of and can it help your game? We set out to try and find out.

THINQ Golf Basics

No golfer will argue with the fact that golf is a very mentally demanding sport, or that mental acuity can make or break your game. There is even the famous Bobby Jones quote that most golfers have heard to remind us of that; “Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course…… the space between your ears.” And so it is the golfer’s brain that THINQ Golf attempts to train and improve and in five specific areas that its creators deem essential to a good golf game; awareness, intention, attention, synchronicity and adaptability.

Essentially THINQ Golf is a free to use app but the number of games available to free users is rather limited (you can play half of each exercise/game only) and so to get the most out of it you’ll need a paid membership which range from $7.99/£5.99 per month to $79.99/£59.99 for an annual membership which also gives you access to an extended number of record keeping tools in addition to unlimited access to all games.

THINQ Golf in Action

Once the app has been downloaded and installed, the first thing you will be asked to do is create a user profile, inputting variables like sex, age and (if you like) even golf handicap. From there it’s right off to the games. THINQ Golf recommends training 60 minutes a week at least, but you can break that into whatever length and frequency of sessions you like.


The daily training begins with a few holes from each type of game and then you can choose to focus on the areas you are testing weakest at or go through the whole suite. All of your scores are recorded and translated into a “Q Score” which, obviously, you hope will improve day by day.

Each of the games themselves have a golf theme and are accompanied by some rather nice graphics. Each of them is easy enough to navigate through and although they display better on a tablet they are perfectly usable on the smaller screen of a smartphone as well.

The games themselves are rather entertaining, but not in a ‘gameified’ way. For example one of the awareness game places transports you to a tee box and displays one to three golf flags at a time and these flags vary in location, color, height and windspeed. They appear for a few seconds and then disappear. It is then your task to replicate what you saw as exactly as possible.

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You can change the difficulty of any game (from very easy to Master) and each day your Q score will be calculated and you can compare your performance to other users on the THINQ Golf leaderboard.

The THINQ Golf games are rather addictive and it’s easy to play through well over 60 minutes in a week and even in a day. Do they help your golf game? They might. After a few weeks of training many do notice a difference, especially in terms of concentration and focus and it certainly can’t do your game any harm.

Before you commit to a membership though give the free mode a try to ensure that you will get your money’s worth. and if, and when, you do sign up for a paid membership google ‘thinq golf coupon code’ as several discount codes are released every month and they are fairly easy to find.

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