Golf App Review – U.S Open 2015 App

With the U.S Open teeing off this week it seems more than timely to review the newly released official app created to be the smartphone or tablet user’s ultimate guide to the action at Chambers Bay. But does the functionality really live up to that hype?

U.S Open 2015 App Basics


It is annoying (and that’s putting it mildly for some of us) that portions of major golf championships have to be played during the work week. If you are the CEO you can always take the week off but for the rest of us sneaking a peak at some of the highlights is the best we can hope for before 5pm.

That is obviously one of the biggest reasons to download this app, it will be offering live streaming video of the action on featured holes and within featured groups throughout both the practice roads, and more importantly the tournament proper. And let’s face it, a smartphone, even the phablets like the iPhone 6+ if that’s what you’re into, aren’t too hard to hide under a desk.


The app has more to offer than that though. There is an archive of video from previous tournaments, articles, interviews and commentaries added daily and a hole by hole interactive ‘flyover’ of the Chambers Bay course, which includes all the information you never knew you needed about each hole and there is even a guide to the best places to score one’s refreshments.

U.S. Open 2015 App in Action


As long as you have a decent connection (this is where leeching off the office Wi-Fi might be a bonus) the archive video runs smoothly enough so you’d expect the same for the live coverage. And there should be a lot of it. The featured groups coverage is due to begin at 7.00 PDT from Thursday June 18th on and the Featured Holes and ‘Open 360’ coverage a half hour later and run until the end of play, offering far more coverage than any of the TV channels.

The amount of information available about all of the competitors is more than sufficient and you can, if you really want to, download any individual player’s scorecard to scrutinize at any point in tournament play (this is primarily for fantasy golfers)


The course flyover feature is rather brilliant and you can (as we did) waste quite a bit of casual time boning up on the finer points of the course. In fact if you really get serious you may end up knowing the holes better than some of the players, which will of course make your armchair critic opinions of their play all the more valid.

All in all this a great app and given that it’s free there is no reason not to download it and keep up with all of the U.S.Open action in perhaps the most comprehensive way possible, short of driving out to University Place yourself that is.

To download the US Open 2015 app for your device follow the appropriate link below.



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