Golf App Review: V1 Golf App

V1 Golf   Android Apps on Google PlayEvery serious golfer would love to enjoy the perks that pros do, including having their very own trail-along swing coach to analyze their every swing of the club, diagnose their problems and start setting them straight. Unfortunately such individuals don’t come cheap, so an increasing number of amateur golfers are turning to the ever growing number of swing analysis and swing coaching apps that are popping up for smartphones and tablets.

One of the most popular of those offerings right now is the V1 Golf app, which is available for both iOS and Android powered devices. But just what is it about this particular app that a golfer might find so useful? We set out to find out.


V1 Golf Basics




The concept behind the V1 app is relatively simple. You download the app, you take it out the course with you, take video of your swing at various points in the game or practice session and then use the suite of self analysis tools to help you determine just what you are doing wrong (and hopefully right as well)

Alternately you can take the easier – but somewhat more expensive – route, and send the video(s) to one of the PGA professionals that V1 Golf have on staff to receive their expert analysis. You can also build a library of your videos in a cloud storage system so that your can track your progress – and hopeful improvements – over time or even, if you have a particularly good outing, share them via social media to show off a bit.

V1 Golf in Action

The first difficulty you’ll encounter when using V1 golf is exactly how you are going to film your swing whilst actually executing it, as obviously selfie style is not an option. The ideal solution is to bring along a cinematographer (a bored teenager looking to make a bit of pocket money would do Mums and Dads) but that may not always be possible. An alternative is to find some way to clip your mobile device to something; a tree, the flag, the golf cart and there are little gadgets available in golf supply shops to do that (as well as at the V1 Golf website)

Once you have that figured out and some footage captured to work with, you can use the app tools to edit it pretty much as you please. It’s not a steep learning curve to learn to use the editing suite and the process is pretty seamless.

For self analysis there are all kinds of tools available. You can use the swing mapping features or overlay and compare your swing with that from a library of videos of the swings of big time pros, with the app helping you determine whose yours most closely resembles. There is also a suite of basic analysis tools that can help you figure out where you are making some basic errors and offer tips for improvement.

If you want to have a pro analyze your swing you can select one in your online account. Costs vary as there are a huge number of available pros in the database and they all set their own rates, that range from £20 ($30) per analysis to £100 ($125) and up.

All in all the V1 Golf app is fairly impressive, even in the self analysis mode which becomes more and more valuable over time, and it’s a weapon that any golfer should probably consider adding to their arsenal. V1 Golf costs £4.99/$4.99 for iOS and is compatible with iOS devices running iOS 6.0 or higher. The app used to retail for the same price for Android in the Google Play store, but for the last few months it has been offered free. You can download the app by clicking on one of the buttons below.



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