When you think about golf carts you may think that they are only used at golf courts. However, since they are fuel efficient many people use these to go to the store or just ride through the woods or their own property. With the increasing popularity of golf carts there was a whole new market for products designed especially for golf carts. Whether we are talking about upgrading the golf cart motor, GPS systems, coolers, you can basically find anything to make your golf cart better and enjoyable. 

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The following article will guide you through one specific product which becomes increasingly popular in the golf cart accessories. These are speakers specially made for golf carts. When you think a little about it, whenever you do something, from practicing your swing or driving to the local store it is always better to have some background music on. 

However, there is one thing you need to be aware of here – it’s the price of the golf cart speakers.

Golf Cart Speakers: What you should look for when buying ones?

Mounting system

The first thing you need to pay attention to when buying speakers for your golf cart is the mounting system. For example, some speakers have a clip or a touch fastener strap which makes the installation extremely easy.

Other golf cart speakers can be installed on the dashboard or they can be attached directly under the roofing. There are also custom speaker consoles for your golf cart sold separately and they simply integrate the sound system into the cart.

The best thing about individual speakers is the surround sound experience, however, it is also good to think about getting a soundbar. Whichever option you choose the setup and installation are extremely easy and simple. On top of that, if you already have some technical skills you will really appreciate these. 

Protection against the elements

Since you are going to use these speakers outdoors another important thing to pay attention to is the protection against the elements. Since you are going to spend your hard-earned money on brand new set of golf cart speakers you would definitely want to avoid the situation to see them being damaged by light rain. So, a specific thing to look for here is whether they are certified to be used outdoors.

Is it Allowed Play Music on the Golf Course?

For most people, playing golf is pure relaxation. And when it comes to listening to music while playing golf it depends on the person. However, when it comes to golf competitions, the answer is simple – it isn’t allowed.

To be more precise, you are not allowed to use any equipment which may improve your stroke performance. Although you would think that this applies to specific electronic devices designed to make your positioning better or calculate the speed of wind and similar, unfortunately, music fits in this definition. 

At the same time, if you play your music too loud it can distract and disturb other players. However, if you can’t play without music using a headset is one of the options, but we’ll talk about that another time. For now, it is better to know that it is not allowed to play music on the golf court during a competition. And if you are just practicing, you should keep the volume at normal levels in order not to disturb other players.

At the end

Now when you know a little more about what you should pay attention to when buying your new golf cart speakers, we are sure you won’t have too much trouble choosing the right ones. Of course, pay attention to the color and design to match your golf cart and enjoy!