Golf Clash is a game popular in Android and iOS devices but can also be played on Computer. The game can be played in multiplayer mode. In multiplayer, you can challenge other players as well as communicate with them via emoticons and predefined text messages. It has been a long time since a good golf game has been released for mobile. So, is this game worth giving a shot? Let’s find out.

In-game Tutorial

After installation, once you open the application, you will be asked to log in using your account at Google Play Games. Once you do that, the game will lead you to a tutorial explaining the mechanics behind the game.

In the very first shot, you have to decide how far you want the ball to go. At the very beginning, you will try to hit it as far as possible. However, the more closely the ball gets to the hole, the more efficiently you have to calculate the hit angle and hit speed.

The game provides a very good option for calculating the sweet spot and displaying an approximate travel path for the ball. However, you have to calculate factors like wind speed and recoil action once the ball touches the ground. Although the basics are all covered in the tutorial, you will be the master of the game only when you start practicing.

Is the Multiplayer That Good?

A disadvantage of the game is that there is no practice mode. Until you play enough and get comfortable with the game, it will get a bit frustrating since you will lose a lot, while competing in multiplayer matches. Although you will get familiar with the game with constant matches, tension will always be there since a little mistake can eliminate you from the game.

However, there is a little connection issue which I experienced, even in high-speed connection. However, the lag is not that much as it happens in other games that have huge internet traffic. The only problem lies with matchmaking. While starting a new game, the game may not throw you against a player who is at your level. Anytime it can throw you against a player who is more experienced and has all the fancy clubs and kit that makes hitting and winning easier.

However, with constant wins and rewards, you will get in-game currencies which can be used to purchase new clubs and other required items. Also, check out the Golf Clash Gridiron Tournament if you are interested.

How are the Graphics and Audio?

Well, I was really amazed by the user interface. Buttons are quite easy to press and there is quite a lot of animation that makes it attractive. Controls that are in-game are also responsive and smooth to operate.

In game graphics, however, have a lot to improve. Textures of trees, fields, bushes have a lot of scope for improvement and if you have played other golf games, they kind of look outdated. Let’s hope the developers are working on it and will resolve the issue in the next update.

When you start the game, you will hear no sound. But don’t get scared. They are turned off by default and you can turn them on via the main menu. Very few sounds are there that accompanies whatever action you make in the game. The classic sound when you hit a ball, a voice saying “perfect shot” when you do one and few claps when you hit a good shot. That is all. Often you will feel like a little background score would have been good enough.

Final Verdict

The only negative factors of the game are low graphics, the absence of offline gameplay and very few sound effects. Apart from that, when it comes to gameplay and control, the game is perfect.

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